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I have a crush on the Bay Harbor Butcher.  So kill me.  haha.  I love Dexter and I'm glad that my hubby introduced me to him.  I wish for Dexter to run for as many seasons as Oprah.  The world would be a better place!

Alright, I made my husband another lunch, but this time I put a sick spin on it and drowned him with mystery meat in mini trash bags that were sunken to the bottom of a tupperware container.  Sexy, huh?  :)  I wanted to give him a little Slice of Life under the sea of Jello.  

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Step 1: Needed Things

Container (leak proof) check my label out, awesome stuff.  from the dollar store, too! :D
Chicken for sand
ziploc bags
black trash bag (new)
food to put in the bags
little plastic skeletons from cake shop
2 boxes blue jello

Step 2: Sands of Time.

First things first, I started with my foundation and I baked the crispy chicken breasts from Costco to put in the bottom, to appear as sand, and yet, give him something to chew on.  Make sure to seal it well in the ziploc bags, take the air out and fold the bags around the chicken.  

Note:  You may need to cut and arrange the chicken to best fit the bottom of your container.

Step 3: Body Bags!

I got a box of small black trash bags at the dollar store so that I didn't waste a nice, new one.  I cut one bag up into some mini shapes and made sure to put some food in them, and seal the bags with a double knot.  You want to plan the bags according to what you'll be putting in them, how you want them arranged and how crowded your tupperware will be.  So keep those factors in mind.  You can always throw the extra bags of food in another container to add to the meal.  But the display bento should look fun and well-planned.  :)

Step 4: Decor!

I just thought it would be cute to throw in a couple runaway skeletons because I had them in the kitchen, anyways.  Add any last pieces during this step and plan your situated bags.

Step 5: Jello Time

Follow the directions on your box of jello and add it to the tupperware as the last step.  With this size container, it fit 2 boxes of jello perfectly and I lucked out!

THE TRICK have to flip it.  I put it inside a pie tin, upside down in the fridge to let it cool overnight.  If you lay it down, as normal, the food will float to the top.  You want everything on the bottom, so you need to put the container down, lid first, and hope that your stuff stays as arranged as possible.  If all goes well, you can flip it the next day and everything will be where it needs to be to get the under-water effect!  

Step 6: Bay Harbor Butcher

Now it's time to send your loved one to work with the discovery of the body count that the Bay Harbor Butcher has left behind.  If only he had known the current of the jello would hold things in place, maybe he would have chosen a less-likely location for possible discovery.  

:) Thank you guys for checking out my Dexter Bento!  It's a super easy and fun thing to do, that is totally iconic in the eyes of a true fan.  I love you Dexter, Michael C. Hall and of course, my husband, the ingestor of the contaminants in these trash bags.

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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    LOL! Awesome! Is Dexter still on? We've watched through Season 5, but can only see it when it becomes available online/in stores, etc. We haven't seen a new episode in almost a year. :(


    8 years ago on Step 3

    I don't know where you live, but in france, trash bags have some insecticides incorporated in the plastic during the manufacturing in order to stop the development of odor and germs and are not appropriate to be in contact with food. So be careful with their use. Despite this little warning, your project is cool and must have been a great surprise for your husband !!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    on a random note, thank you, and yes i know what you're talking about. those trash bags smell amazing! :D i loved changing the trash. but these, i could check the properties, but i doubt that they are anything special. lol


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I wish my lunches were this entertaining.