Dexter Style "project" Tent ;)

Introduction: Dexter Style "project" Tent ;)

Ok, I made this for another project of mine :

Basically I wanted to reduce the amount of wood chips that would endup on my furniture while using a planner and a sander.

I also wanted to keep stuff out from my project while I was staining and varnishing it!

When my roommate came in and saw what I had built it reminded him of the setup used by Dexter when he "goes to work" so I decided to name this the Dexter tent!

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Step 1: Materials

Most of this can be bought at the dolar store. I think that the whole project cost me less than 10$.

You will need :

- 4 Shower liners (5 if you want to close the top)
- Duct tape!
- thumb tacs/staples/pins/anything that can hold
- Metal wire (or any type of wire)

Step 2: "Sewing"

This step is again pretty easy. Use duct tape to tape the edges of every curtain togheter. Be carefull with the last 2 sides as these will be used to create a doorway.

Step 3:

Creating the doorway isn't to complicated either.

Basically do the same thing as the side walls but only run the duct tape 1/4 of the way as to create an entry point.

Step 4: Hanging Points

Next you're going to reinforce the anchor points by using simple duct tape folded back around the curtain holes and pierce with cisors.

Step 5: Hang It!

Start from the middle (the doorway is the best place to start IMO.

I used staples on the ceiling as those would leave a barely noticable mark on it.

I used metal wire to hang the curtains from the staples to the reinforced holes.

And that's it.... very simple project tent!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    very nice!!! i wanted to find a way to spraypaint my fridge without carrying it outside, now i do have a way!! thanks!