Di Lounger




Introduction: Di Lounger

Download your free set of to scale di Lounger patterns and instructions here

The ultimate Chaise Lounge Recliner outdoor build it yourself project available
di Loungers revolutionary new three-positon backrest turn handle design
Along with backrest position stops makes the di Lounger the ultimate
The di Lounger is like no other DIY Chaise Lounge Recliner build
Just lean forward turn the handle and continue lounging
Do not get up to adjust backrest positions anymore
Build and enjoy your di Lounger
Incredibly comfortable
And easy to build
The di Lounger

I designed the di Lounger because
Build it yourself outdoor Chaise Lounge Recliner chairs are abundant, complicated
Not appealing, outdated, and lack a certain je ne sais quoi for 2016 and beyond
A modern unique simple build it yourself Outdoor Chaise Lounge Recliner
Capturing the essence of the era is the di Lounger

di Lounger plans and instructions include
Assembly instructions
To scale patterns
Material list
Tools list

A word of caution: You need courage to lounge like a God
Mr. Danny Daniel di Mauro
General Carpenter
Home Builder
Investors wanted for other inventions



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