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Hello Instructables Community,

this week I have the privilege to share with you a collaboration project of Jimmy Diresta and myself! He really is an extraordinary maker and one of the reasons why I started my own YouTube channel.

Those of you that know Jimmy from his YouTube channel and his videos already know that he is a great content creator. Unfortunately though Jimmy is also a very busy content creator. Since my previous collaboration with Giaco Whatever was quite popular I decided to try my luck and reach out to Jimmy. He was happy to give this a try and so we agreed to try this out.

For the first Instructable I though it would be an interesting idea to convert Jimmy's Tips which are a series of videos with useful tips and trick on certain subjects such as Hot Glue, Sanding, Paint, Drills and many more.

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If you would like to see more of these Instructables make sure to leave us many comments, like & share!!!

Cheers Alex

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Step 1: Disclaimer

The tips and tricks in this Instructable (And the video series) were either invented by Jimmy or picked up along the way.

Tips involving computer duster spray are potentially dangerous as the liquid propellant can cause aerosol burns (frostbite) when coming in contact with the skin.

Inhalation can also cause unwanted effects including asphyxia & cardiac arrhythmia.

Last but not least don't forget that propellants such as butane & propane are highly flammable and can lead to fuel air explosions in closed spaces without sufficient ventilation.

Use at your own discretion!

This Instructable was created with the expressed permission and knowledge of Jimmy Diresta!

Step 2: Tip 1: No Clamps? No Problem!

Sometimes you want to join two pieces of wood but have no immediate access to clamps or other fasteners. This might happen whilst your repairing something outside of your workshop or whilst on a job.

To continue your work you can use this trick:

Use the regular amount of wood glue for your joint and add a few dabs of hot glue.

Push both pieces together tightly until the hot glue has cooled down/cured.

The hot glue will keep the joint closed while the hot glue is drying.

You can add clamps or screws later.

Step 3: Tip 2: No Glue Gun? No Problem!

Sometimes you find yourself in a spot where you have either no glue gun (because someone forgot to put it in the truck...) or because there is no electricity to use a glue gun (although someone else double checked and put the glue gun in the truck).

The good news is that you can use almost any heat source to melt the glue for use. I prefer to use a Zippo style lighter because I can light a flame and then use it as a stationary flame.

Simply heat up one end of the glue stick over the flame and use the dabs of molten glue on your work piece.

This trick has saved me countless times over the years whilst being on installations!

Step 4: Tip 3: Breaking Hot Glue Joints

Sometimes you want to break a joint you made with hot glue but will find that with wood you will end up pulling some of the fibers. To avoid this you can use this simple trick:

Get yourself a can of computer duster spray. Holding it upside down spray the area of the joint in short blasts/bursts. This rapidly cools down the glue making it very brittle and easy to break.

This trick also works with a number of other adhesives such as some epoxies & crazy glue. I recommend you try it on a sample first before attempting on an actual work piece.

Please read the disclaimer and use this trick at your own discretion!

Step 5: Tip 4: ​Hot Glue Hardening Accelerator

The previous trick can also be used to accelerate the hardening time of hot glue. Sometimes you might want to move on to the next step of a project and don't want to wait for the glue to harden. A short blast of computer duster (Upside down) will make the hot glue harden almost instantly.

I like to use this trick often when gluing cables in place. A few dabs of hot glue followed by some liquid duster propellant will fix the cable in place instantly and you can move on with your project.

This is particularly effective with larger amounts of glue as they tend to cool down slower.

Step 6: Tip 5: Temporary Placement

I use the following trick often when installing drawer faces. To get the position right might be tricky at times but using this trick makes it a lot easier.

I like to use shims which make vertical alignment easier so one can focus on horizontal alignment/placement. Add two small dabs of hot glue to your drawer face and place it in its position. You only have a few moments before the hot glue hardens to get everything into the right position.

I would later add screws from the inside as well as a handle from the outside.

Step 7: LPT Monthly Giveaway

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All you have to do is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave me a comment at this video and include "I want to go out and make something!" & your Instructables username. The winner will be announced on Mar 31st 2016 1800hrs GMT on my FB, Twitter & Blog. (Only entries from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA & Canada are eligible to get the full package mailed (please understand that I pay for this myself), residents of other countries may only receive the Pro-Account).

(I changed the Pro-Account from 3-Months to 1-Year since this Instructable was featured on the homepage!)



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    2 years ago

    what a terrifc assistant you have. I have two furry assistsnts too..Lily and Dora.

    Your explanations are clear and concise. Many thanks for the glue tips.



    2 years ago

    Hot glue is perfect for all sorts of things! Thanks for the tips!


    2 years ago

    great tips, thanks heaps!

    BTW, by 'computer duster' do you mean the spray-and-wipe sort of stuff for your screen?

    3 replies
    Alex 2Qfraser02

    Reply 2 years ago

    No what you mean is a liquid/foam. The stuff Jimmy uses is also known as "canned air" and is mostly a propellant (e.g. butane, propane and others) that can be used to remove dust from your computer or other work areas.

    Cheers Alex

    Alex 2Qfraser02

    Reply 2 years ago

    Always a pleasure never a chore!

    Alex 2QBobv48

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks! Which helper are you refering to?

    Alex 2Qfraser02

    Reply 2 years ago

    He is referring to Spike, jimmy's shop assistant/cat. :D


    2 years ago

    These are some pretty useful tricks and tips. I like that you collaborated to make it happen, and your YouTube channel seems pretty cool. Cheers!

    1 reply
    Alex 2QPrinty

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it. There are more Jimmy Tips Instructables cued up in my drafts ;)

    Also thanks for the feedback with regards to my channel!

    Cheers Alex