DiY Custom Fit Car SunShade




Introduction: DiY Custom Fit Car SunShade

DiY Custom Fit Car SunShade for rear window.
Mesh cost arround 3€/m
Steel wire, diameter 2mm, 0.50€ for 3m

I forgot to paint wire with black spray



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    Great, man!!

    Thank you for pictures! I am very happy if I can help with my projects.

    Nice DIY and I would like to give it a try but I cannot seem to find the mesh material you used. How exactly is this material called and where did you get it? Thanks.

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    I canno believe this. Are you from Slovenia? Me too!! Thank you. Another question, about the wire. Where did you get that?

    Ej hvala ti za vse informacije! Se bom v kratkem spravu tole delat tudi sam. Nisem uspel nikjer dobit tega mrežastega blaga. Ne pri nas ne na ebayu... Zdej pa bo ratalo. :)