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Introduction: Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skulls

About: Hello, I enjoy creating art in just about any medium available I use recycled materials when possible and exchanging ideas and learning new ideas on how to save time and money.

Dia De Los Muertos has been celebrated for thousands of years originally early fall more recently it is now celebrated November 1st and 2nd.On the first day, families remember children who have died, and on the second, the adults. It celebrates life, not death. It’s a joyful holiday, one that glances at death instead of mourning over it.We honor our dearly departed by offering Their favorite foods, drink and Calaveras the iconic sugar skull. Many communities have Celebrations with live music, dancing, and parades from residences to graveyards, where family members will gather around their loved ones’ graves. I make sugar skulls for my departed family members with a promise that they will always be remembered and never forgotten.I would like to dedicate this Instructable to my beloved nephew Jacob Levi Ortiz.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

A large mixing bowl, Sugar, Meringue powder spoon, whisk, detail tools for the eyes and nose.and icing for decorating once you are done making your Calaveras.

Step 2: Adding the Good Stuff.

First, add 4 lbs of granulated sugar and half a cup of meringue powder and whisk it, whisk it real good baby. next add 7 tablespoons of water gradually and evenly, Next get in there and break down the lumps of sugar and get it mixed thoroughly. It should have the consistency of wet sand. if it feels too moist add more sugar. if it is too dry add more water.

Step 3: Roll, Shape, and Flatten.

Roll your sugar into a ball, next squeeze the end to make a pear shape now lay some freezer paper or wax paper down and flatten your Calavera and shape to resemble a skull.

Step 4: Detail Time.

Now use your ball end tool for the eye sockets and your clay tool for the nose.Easy peasy lemon squeezy.Now just let them dry completely at least 24 hours. Next, time to decorate your Calavera with icing. I like to add a personal touch to my Calavera by decorating a birth month flower on the top and then add my designs as I go. If this is your first time using icing take a little practice to see how it will flow temperature is the key when working with frosting if it gets too hot you will have a runny mess.

Step 5: Use Your Resources.

Remember this is a decoration from the heart if you can't shape it well use cookie cutters or molds.Get cr4eative and use whatever tools you have to create your very own Calavera.

Step 6: For Jacob Levi Ortiz

September 25, 1991 - January 21, 2017



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    8 Discussions

    The actual sugar skull 24 hours, If you use gel frosting it can take up to 3 days. using regular frosting 24 hours.

    Should I let the skull dry before I frost it?

    definitely, The sugar will crumble with the weight of the frosting.I would love to see your sugar skulls!

    You didn't tell us how to decorate! I only know about Dia De Los
    Muertos by proxy. Are the skulls eaten? I suppose, because they're
    made from food. So my question would be, "What materials do you use to decorate with?"

    1 reply

    Hello, I decorate them with cake frosting, It's up to you if you prefer to buy it or make it from scratch. As far as decorating them there is no wrong or right way, I like to use the deceased birth flower and then make whatever decoration I like. You can virtually use whatever symbols you like, As far as eating them design one for yourself and eat that one(When you eat the sugar skull it represents you don't fear death) never eat one that is specifically made for a deceased loved one.That is their gift that you made specifically for them.I personally wouldn't eat a sugar skull for the fact that it's nothing but sugar, but that's just me. Hope this answered your quetions.

    I like the green one and the blue one, I love the bright colors. :)

    1 reply