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Introduction: Dia De Los Muertos Make-Up!

Dia de los muertos Make-Up is perfect for halloween events, gatherings, and of course parties! This tutorial was done for half a face but it can easily be made into a full face Make-Up by mirroring the steps onto the other half of the face.

The following products will be required for this tutorial:

1. Ben Nye "Neutral Set" Face Powder Shaker Bottle 1.75 oz -$7

2. Ben Nye creme color in black -$6

3. Ben Nye creme color in white -$6

4. Ben Nye creme color in green -$6

( If you prefer another brand over Ben Nye feel free to use it just make sure you have those three colors :)

5. 4 brushes (mine are Ben Nye brushes however if your tight on money I recommend Elf foundation brushes, they work well too. You can find these at target :)

6. Blue glitter, red glitter, orange/yellow glitter, Green glitter

- (The glitter I used came from an American Crafts Wow! 24 glitter pack but I wouldn't recommend buying it because its expensive and you will only be using 4 types of glitter not 24. Try buying each color individually online or at a Michaels to save money unless you really want the 24 pack. The pack costs about $25)

7. 4 small cups or small containers, you probably already have some at home :p (There are 4 small cups for each of the 4 different colors of glitter. In each of the four cups you will put a different color of glitter.)

8. Cosmetic Wedges latex free foam (target brand Up & Up)

9. 1 paper towel (to partially clean brushes with)

10. Q-Tips (good for cleaning up little mistakes and great for scratching your nose with :D

11. Pencil Eyeliner Black

Step 1: Getting Prepared!

Before you put on any product make sure your face is clean! :D

Step 2: Application

- Using a foundation brush collect some of the white Ben Nye creme color and draw a centered white line from the top of the forhead all the way down to the bottom of the chin. Make the line a straight as possible, if you mess up use a Q-tip to clean it up and try again.

- Also put on the black eyeliner on the waterline of your eye. I should have done this from the very beginning but I forgot :p This is important because later on when all the make-up has been applied it will be more difficult to do.

(If you plan to do a full face make-up you don't need to draw the centered white line unless you want to use it as a guide. Make sure you don't skip the eyeliner though :)

Step 3: Application

- Take a cosmetic wedge and apply the white Ben Nye creme color on half of your face. Make sure to LIGHTLY dab and pat the wedge all over your face as you apply the white make-up. Doing this will cause the make-up to look smooth leaving no strokes or smudges on the face. It will also prevent the previous layer of make-up from being removed by the application of the new layer.

- Now use the same foundation brush that was used to create the line in the middle of the face to outline along jaw.

- Apply Ben Nye "Neutral Set" Face Powder on the cosmetic wedge and lightly dab it all over the layer of make-up.

Step 4: Application

- Now take a new foundation brush, collect some of the black Ben Nye creme color and begin to apply it right above the brow. Use your eyebrow as a guide to form the circle.

Step 5: Application

- Fill in the circle with the black Ben Nye creme color using the same foundation brush that was used to outline the circle.

-Then take a new cosmetic wedge and apply Ben Nye "Neutral Set" Face Powder and lightly dab the powder inside the black circle.

Step 6: Application

- Use the same foundation brush that was used to make the black circle to create a line going outwards from the side of the mouth.

- Now create a line on the top of the bottom lip to get the effect of a line going across the mouth.

- Using the same foundation brush create stitches across the line and perpendicular to it. Try not to make the lines too thick otherwise it will not look as realistic.

- Using the foundation brush, create a contour line on the side of your face.

Step 7: Application

- With the same brush draw a half spade on your nose. Once you have completed this go back to the black circle and draw petals all around to give it the shape of a flower.

- Now with a new Foundation brush take some of the green Ben Nye creme color and outline the half spade on the nose and the "eye flower"

Step 8: Application

- Pour a different color of glitter into each of the four cups. Each color of glitter gets its own cup.

- Take the brush that was used to outline the nose and "eye flower" green and use it to pick up the glitter and place it along the green line. Both green lines should now be covered in green glitter.

-Take the same brush and clean it with the paper towel. Remove as much of the green glitter as possible. Now take the brush and collect some red glitter and place it on the inner portion of the petal. Clean the brush again and now take some of the yellow-orange glitter and place on top of the red glitter.

Step 9: Final Application

- Take the foundation brush that was used to draw the mouth lines and use it to draw the following pattern on the forehead and chin. Now draw the tear drop.

- Fill in the spaces with alternating black and green colors and apply green glitter on top of the green lines using the brush that was used before to apply green glitter.

- Clean the glitter brush with the same paper towel and dip it into the blue glitter. Fill the tear drop with blue glitter.

- Finally, shade underneath the contour line on the cheek to get the illusion of a visible cheek bone :D

Feel free to put on some colored contacts to make those eyes really pop out and maybe even some false eylashes too!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable :)

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