Dia De Los Muertos Mask

Introduction: Dia De Los Muertos Mask

Ok. so do do this i used:

1- one red wig - (that fits you or whatever colour you prefer)
2- pound shop red flowers and some black furniture spray ( i guess you could also flick paint on)
3- snazaroo white (lots) and main pallet (main part)
4- eyeliner (gel and kohl)
5- wilkinsons stick on jewels (in the stationary section and eyelash glue if poss)

First, get your sponge from snazaroo set, wet it, squeeze out all water and make your face as white as poss. Let it dry for a bit, do most of you eyebrows, and sockets as well (but remember they will be black so just the outers).Once it has dried, use a kohl eyeliner to draw your socket as you would like it to look, use a finer brush to put the black snazaroo paint in..I have sensitive eyes but i has no probs with this so most should me fine.

Once this has dried, get either a very fine brush or gel eyeliner out to do the petals round the eyes, this relies purely on control of hand so don't do it drunk! once you've done the petals, use artists licence to do hearts, starts etc round your face as you like. Let it dry.

Now, i got some cheap jewels from my local store, no matter what country, go to your local store, stationary/kids section and find the stick on jewels. I then got a bit of my eyelash glue which i put on and left for about 10 secs, then popped on in random places.

Now, go back to your snazaroo set (or you could use, pens, coloured eyeliner, whatever) and fill in the gaps in the petals, flowers etc

Pin up your hair, put your wig on. and pin that down !

Use some black spray to make your flowers look "deep", let them dry.

Enjoy !!

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