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Introduction: Dial Card for 3 Letter Word Practice

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Last week I attended a workshop at my kids nursery about phonetics. They were teaching us how to teach the kids how to spell the characters.

After the nursery workshop were over they also let us sit through the workshop for junior KG and senior KG. Till senior KG the kids have to master 3 letter words. That's when the idea of the project came to me.

This is a dial card that the kids can use to make and practice words that are created using 3 or less characters.

Step 1: Make the Card

To make the dial card take a print out of the pdf at the end of this instructable and cut the shapes out.

The images are quite self explanatory.

Just an update is that I glued the paper to hard paper to maintain their shapes. You can print the pdf straight onto a strong or heavy paper.

Step 2: Use Ot and Have Fun

Today I gave it to a friend of mine whose daughter is in senior KG. Let's see how it will be used. Keeping fingers crossed.

Attached the PDF.

Step 3: Version 2.0

As per requests from MicioGatta I have made a new and improved dial card. It has 6 dials with a space added to each dial to make multiple words. PDF added for download.



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    I could probably make one with numbers and math symbols to generate random math problems. This is such a versatile project. I love waking up to this kind of creativity in the morning. Thanks

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    Thanks for the complement. Math problem thing is a bomb. Will make one myself too.

    I downloaded both. I know some elementary teachers who will love this. My sister-in-law is an aide. I think you may just have helped a lot of her kids developed an increased love of reading. These look so fun. Will try a colored version as well as white.

    I'm going to do this Monday woth my 1st grade pupils. Thank you :)

    I was thinking about you 'ible yesterday at school. This year I 've 5th grade and probably next year I will have 1st grade (luckly not Language but Maths & Sciences, but this is a great 'ible to do in Technology). I was thinking this wheel will be great for them, but in Italian 3 letter words are not often (never?) names (example: nel = in the; con = with; per = to; dai = you give.....), so I thought about enlarge one of the wheel to make a 4th wheel and maybe a 5th, but doing it with a normal photocopier will make the letters bigger too. Coming to my question: how did you do the wheels? I'm thinking also to add a free space to the wheels, so it's easier to do the 3 and 2 words. (BTW, Italian is so much easier to write than English!)

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    Thanks MicioGatta for the comment. I will make a 6 wheel one. With a blank space added to each wheel for extra ease. This way everything can be adjusted. Though it will take some time. Answering your question : "I created the wheels in MSpowerpoint.". My personal comment : "Awesome! Change request is the best part of 'ible. One can ask for anything and rest assured to get answers. This will be my second time in handling a request at 'ible". Thanks again.

    Thank you very much! I am going to use two wheels this week to do the decrypter with my 5th grade pupils and next year I'll use this one to make a 6 letter (or less) words with the 1st grade. Thank you very much :) This is what I love from Internet, people who never met the help each others!

    I've got another idea! With my 5th grade pupils I've frequently done the "cryptographic" game of the Ceasar code in the previous years. This year I'm going to talk more about Ceaser code and I can use two of these wheels to do the decoder! >^.^< Thank you!

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    This is awesome, I'm going to make one for my nearly-3-year-old!

    Your button rivets look like 'sew on snaps', does this look about right?

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    I'll use these (in Italian they're called "fermacampioni" - something like "sample-stopper"):


    very good


    Wow this is so awesome and yet it doesn't look that hard thank you so much!