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Introduction: Diamond Ring Laser Light Show - SKYlasers Instructable

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This is a very simple instructable on creating your very own laser light show! Of course, we're not talking about any regular light show. We're here to show off a laser light show from the reflections of a diamond ring. Ever wonder why a diamond is forever or why ladies love diamonds so much? I'm sure the video below will tell you exactly why. See the diamond sparkle, our should be say SPARKLE!

We know diamonds are expensive because they sparkle so beautifully under direct lighting situations. This is why the display cases in jewelry stores are always packed with mini spot-lights. Wouldn't it be cool if instead of using spot-lights, they used lasers instead? Talk about extreme brightness, just look at the picture below. We've provided a video for you as well, watch the entire diamond will glow green to the color of the laser. Can't wait to get started? The whole procedure takes less than 1 minute to setup but the results are amazing! Here's what you need:

1) Diamond ring
2) SKYlasers green laser pointer
3) Protective laser goggles
3) Laser stand

By shinning a laser directly into the diamond, we can actually clearly see the reflective properties of the diamond. The better the diamond, the better the light show. Wouldn't this make a perfect display idea for Tiffanys?

*Special thanks to my wife for letting me borrow the ring!

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Step 1: Gather the Parts

Gather all the materials needed for the diamond light show. Here is what we used for the project:

1) SKYlasers 150mW green laser pointer.

2) SKYlasers green laser safety goggles.

3) Diamond Ring.

4) Laser Stand (any stand with a clip will do).

After you have gathered all the materials, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Clamp the Diamond

Next, securely fasten the diamond ring to the laser stand as per the picture below. For the best results, make sure to clean the diamond ring using the proper cleaning solution before proceeding. We want the ring to sparkle as much as possible!

Now, pick up the high power laser pointer. For the best results, make sure to use brand new batteries. It is VERY important to be wearing laser protective goggles! Due to the nigh reflectivity of the diamond, partial laser beams are randomly shot all around the room. Consider not only yourself, make sure everyone in the same room as you are wearing laser safety goggles as well. Our diamond ring light show makes the disco ball look like a joke!

For the brightest results, take the video in complete darkness. The video on the first page of this instructable was taken at night in complete darkness.

All Ready?

Step 3: Let the Show Begin!

Before proceeding, make sure you have your laser protective goggles on! Carefully follow the steps below:

1) At this point, turn the video camera on if you want to record this.

2) Turn off all lights in the room. You probably can't see much at this point. Not a problem, use your laser pointer as a flashlight!

3) Aim the green laser pointer directly into the diamond. Amazing isn't it? In the video, we manually moved the laser pointer around and played with aiming the laser at different angles and positions. The video was also taken using close-up views and views farther away.

4) All done being amazed? Turn off your laser pointer.

5) Using the green laser pointer as a flashlight, navigate around to find the light switch. Turn on the lights.

6) At this time, if you have the video recorder running, you can stop recording.

7) If you borrowed the ring from your wife, don't forget to return it!

Here's the video again, enjoy!

This is the basic laser light show with a diamond ring. Watch out for our next instructable where we use the same diamond ring (I'll have to beg to borrow it again from my wife), mount it onto a spinning fan. The laser pointer will be mounted on a stationary stand. We will make the MOST expensive disco ball to date! I'll post a link here once we have the instructable posted.

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    hi, what about raw diamonds, there is application? Thanks.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this seems cool. ive got a bunch of fake diamond crystals. might make it spin.


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    Something like, but the LASER wasn't a green pointer, some half-baked device that used solar energy of all things...



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    You mean that wasn't real? I'm giving up on my diamond encrusted parabolic cooker.


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    I think someone broke it, so it's hard to say. But there are Thais that will take you out there in a boat (for cash) L