Diaper Favors

Introduction: Diaper Favors

Each diaper favor only requires about one quarter of a sheet of card stock paper. I found some wedding invitations on sale at my local craft store and they worked perfectly. Next time I see those wedding invitations in the clearance aisle I will be stocking up for my craft bin! They are so handy!

For this craft you will need:

Card stock (One quarter as many sheets as favors you want to make- I used card stock that was already cut into 8.5 inx 5.5 in pieces)
Clear tape

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Step 1: Cut the Paper

First thing is first, you will have to cut the leg holes of your diaper.

If you are using an 8.5x 11 inch sheet of paper then cut it in half width-wise (the opposite of lengthwise- fold it like a hamburger)
You will then need to cut that half width-wise as well.

Once you have your sheets of paper, rotate it so that the longest parts are the "tops" and bottoms". You will now need to measure one inch up from the bottom left corner, one inch up from the bottom right corner, and exactly one inch in the top middle. To find the middle of the top of your sheet, you simply mark the point that is 2.75 inches from either corner on the very top and then measure .5 in from both sides of that point. The picture below will make things more clear.

I suggest making one "demo diaper" to help you make a template for the rest.

Once you have your markers dotted, you can connect the dots. The right side of your top center marker and the bottom right marker will be connected in a circular motion. I did this by keeping my wrist "glued" to the table and I just used my pen to connect the dots in the way that a compass would. I then connected the top left dot and the bottom left dot in the same way. Once you have the two circular lines drawn, you can cut them out. These will be used for templates for your other papers that you will be cutting out.

Step 2: Design and Assemble

Once you have your sheets cut out you can now design and assemble, or assemble and design. The wedding invitation kit that I was talking about earlier had cute little bows which is attached after I assembled the diapers, but the hand drawn bow and clips were drawn onto the paper before I assembled the diapers.

Keep in mind that there is NO folding required for this project here on out.

First pull the center part of your diaper up to the top. In the first picture you can see my thumb on the outside of the center piece, but my index finger is in the middle of the diaper. (My middle finger is holding the back of the diaper away from the table, but you can just push it up against the table. Once you get the idea, you will find your own rhythm)

Next pull each side of the diaper over to the center.

Using one piece of tape, connect the sides to each other and allow for the other half of the piece of tape to stick out the top. You can then wrap the part of the tape that is sticking out of the top around so that it connects the center piece to the sides. 

As we all know a picture is worth 1,000 words, so check them out for a more detailed idea of what is going on here.

Step 3: Decorations

Here are a few sample ideas of decorations that could be done!

The easiest was just sticking on the already made ribbon but if you want to draw a bow or fasteners on your diapers then you can do so on each side piece as is shown in the second picture.

Happy Crafting!

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