Diaper Genie - Refills Hack




Introduction: Diaper Genie - Refills Hack

The refills for Diaper Genie cost about $10 per one insert, if you don't buy the value pack or buy them on sale.  This is the FREE version of the refills.

What is so nice about doing this, is that it is completely FREE!  The only thing that is not so nice about it doesn't hold in the smell in as well.  But it is better than having a fresh poopy diaper fermenting in your face.  But you can solve this problem by adding some fresh smelling sent in the diaper genie or you can spray it down every couple weeks.

A personal favorite solution to solving your smell problem, Click the LINK Below!


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Step 1: Save Your Bags

Step 1. Save your grocery bags

Step 2: Stack Your Bags

Step 2. Open up your grocery bags and put them in side each other.  

This will make your bags thicker and allow you a couple of quick remove dirty batches of diapers with no hassle.

Step 3: Put the Bags In

Step 3. Line the bottom part of your Diaper Genie with your layered grocery bags

Step 4: Close It and Drop One In!

Step 4. Close It and Drop One In!

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