Diapositives Lamp

Introduction: Diapositives Lamp

This is a great lamp to use in a room as a decoration piece. It doesn't give off much light but looks nice and warm in a room where you want some more colour and character. The lamp is covered in diapositives for a wonderful personal piece of furniture.

Step 1: Item Assembling

For this lamp you need a lampshade without the material covering the shade. Essentially it is just the skeleton. I was lucky to find one in my house and stripped it of the cloth to get the above empty shade. Its on a tall lamp and relatively large so I didn't have to worry about heat issues burning the diapositives.
Then I collected diapositives from my parents after they converted them to digital photographs and started taking them out of the casings. I stuck the photos together, some horizontally, some vertically, depending on the lamp shade really. I found that for the bent part of the lampshade it was easier to attach diapositives horizontally while on the larger parts of the lamp I attached them vertically.

Step 2: Attaching the Diapositives

Now that I had long strips of diapositives safely stuck together with crafts glue I started sticking them to the lampshade frame. This part was a little tricky and took patience and time. It looks rather dark in the pictures but the diapositives let through some light, enough to be able to clearly see the pictures and still light up a room in a warm light. Sometimes you have to stick some parts of the diapositive strips over others to avoid gap in the lamp but again it doesn't darken the lamp much.
So good luck with sticking all the strips to the shade and be patient, it will pay off.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Once all the diapositives are attached you mount the lamp onto the stand and of course light it up to identify where there are gaps you may have overseen. At this point you have to check whether the lamp heats up too much and may melt or burn your diapositives. If that is something you fear maybe it is best to buy the heat papers to stick to the inside of the lamp, between the light bulb and the diapositives. These papers you should be able to find in crafts stores, or maybe more specific art stores that have workshop items. However, they again darken the lamp a little. Starting off with a large lamp may be best then.
My lamp didn't heat up so I didn't have to buy a paper like this. I put the lamp in my living room behind the sofa so when I watch TV the room is not too dark but not bright either. It is a wonderful soft light and covered in childhood memories.

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