Dice Tower From Scrap



This tube of crisps cost about $1.25 and are from a well known big snack food maker..

After eating all the potato crisps I thought, "This is way over engineered for delivering a few crisps. What else could this be ?

Step 1: Over-Engineered Potato Crisp Container

  1. After eating the crisps wash the container with soap and water and let dry completely.
  2. Cut a hole near the base using a sharp knife large enough to let dice pass through easily.
  3. Take the lid and place it as a ramp for the opening. You probably want to remove some of the rim of the lid so dice will not get caught.
  4. Roofing nails are about 1.5 inches long and have a wide head. They can pierce the plastic with just finger pressure. No tools needed. Use one to pierce the tube and the yellow lid to hold it in place.
  5. The next step is to add some obstacles to randomize the dice. Use as many nails as you like but not so many that dice will get caught. Just make a random pattern using all sides of the tube.
  6. Add a tray as a base.
  7. DONE! Enjoy playing your game without chasing dice all over the table.
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