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Introduction: Dice Tray

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Just a simple, easy to make dice tray or box. Cost was $3.12 from Hobby Lobby, made in about 30 minutes plus baby wrangling.

Step 1: Materials

Materials include:

-2mm foam with adhesive backing, (went with this over felt as it seemed more durable and easier to clean)

-Wooden box from your local craft store; sizes, shapes and prices will vary based on what you need or want.

-My wife has this super rad paper cutter that worked perfectly, scissors or a razor will also do the trick.

Step 2: Measure Twice...

now to measure the foam. I started with the lid in case I made any mistakes. measure and cut the foam in a way that you still have too much left over after the first big cut. Its always better to need to cut more than to have cut too much.

Continue shaving away until the foam fits easily into the bottom of the lid without too much effort. remember to leave the adhesive backing sticker on during the measuring and fitting.

Step 3: Clean Up Box and Lid and Adhere Foam.

There were little splinters and bits of glue left over in the box. You want a perfectly smooth rolling surface, so make sure to clean these up to your standards.

Remove adhesive backing and fix into place. use caution to not accidentally stick the foam somewhere you don't want it.

Use a guitar pick or any tool of your choice to assist in fitting the foam into the corners once you are ready to stick it to the box. this also helps apply even pressure to the foam making sure it all sticks to the box.

Step 4: Repeat Steps for Bottom of Box

same as before, except this time will be faster, and easier. Plus will look better than your first attempt.

Step 5: Add Sides

I chose to add foam to the four sides of the bottom of the box since I would be rolling my dice directly into the box.

This helps to reduce noise and improve the rolling surfaces. (I added the long sides after taking pictures)

The process for this is similar to the top and bottom of the box; Measure, Measure, Cut.

Use care to not cause wrinkles or overlap the foam in the bottom of the box. and make sure the foam doesn't protrude past the top of the box as that may interfere with how the lid closes.

Step 6: Get Fancy

I chose to add little bumpers on the bottom feet with leftovers from the sides I cut. This will prevent scuffing game boards or snagging on felt game mats.

They also add a sophisticated flair to the whole project. As well as cut down on noise.

this part was the easiest. I used my (safety) razor to trim the excess after adhering the foam directly to the feet of the box.

Step 7: Done!

Added dice for scale, box dimensions are about 2.5x4.5 on the inside.

I have left mine blank for now but the exterior of the box may be decorated any way you like.

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    3 years ago

    i get cigar boxes from liquor stores; they're always free and they smell really awesome.

    and i have the added luxury of not giving hobby lobby any business out of me! they're guilt free!


    3 years ago

    Looks good :) We have a similar one for our minis.