Die Hard 5: Valentine's Day Movie Card




Introduction: Die Hard 5: Valentine's Day Movie Card

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So this is what my husband and I will be doing, since we've seen all the other four.  Dinner and a movie is a perfect yearly default :D

Downloaded and image from the web, edited it in Photoshop and created a card on a word document.

2. Print your card
3. Put your tickets inside the card, with a personal message :D

Docx Card:  Die Hard Valentine's Movie Card

PDF Card: Die Hard Movie Card



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    Penolopy Bulnick says: "Very fun :D"
    Yes, but how does a picture of Bruce Willis with some pink-hearts on it express any sentiment?
    What does "It's Valentines day!" mean to you?


    2 replies

    The movie comes out on valentines day so it makes sense. Don't know about you but a good action film is always a good option especially if you've seen all the others. For happy married people valentines day is no different from any other day. It rhymes, just like any other cheesy greeting card.

    I like your last lines (no different from any other day... just like any other cheesy greeting card.) Thanks, and I hope you have a fun day.
    I don't look happily on what people buy for consumer-events like this, so it's nice that you made something in the spirit of what it means to you.