Diet Stuffed Chicken ( Single Serving)




175 Calories in total ( i used 2 grams of oil + a slice of brown bread of 69 calorie)

12.6g Carb

4.7g Fat

20.3g Pro

Yo dieter!!!

Now you don't have to eat boring food :)

easy to make :)

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Step 1: Ingredients


  • cottage cheese
  • bell pepper ( green red)
  • sauce ( i used)
  • chicken breast ( 50 grams piece for single serving like i used)
  • tomato

The reason i didn't tell about the amount is because you can use any amount... it's only like 2-7 grams of each..

Step 2: Hammering

Either use a rolling pin or any mortar to flatten the breast piece btw two plastic sheets

Step 3: Place Your Filling

any way you like.

Step 4: Wrap

wrap and wrap, secure with toothpicks

Step 5: Heat

heat your pan

Step 6: Oil

extra virgin olive oil 9 a few drops. (you can use 2 grams here too, 175 cal includes 2 grams of extra virgin olive oil)

Step 7: Cook

spread the oil and place your chicken

Step 8: Cover Right Away

cover it up and reduce heat.

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