Different Mobs in Minecraft Xbox Edition

Introduction: Different Mobs in Minecraft Xbox Edition

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This instructable is about all the different mobs in minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. If you see anything that is not correct please tell me so I can fix it. I hope you enjoy this instructable and don't forget to vote.

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Step 1: Passive Mobs

Passive mobs never attack the player

The different passive mobs are

Chickens (Lay eggs and you can breed them with wheat seeds)

Cows (you can milk them with a bucket and breed them with wheat if you kill them you can get raw beef and leather)

Horses (also Mules and Donkeys) (you can tame them and ride them with saddles)

Ocelots (You can breed and tame them with raw fish)

Pigs (breed them with carrots and when you kill them you get raw pork)

Sheep (breed them with wheat) (you can dye them bye clicking on them with dye in your hand) (kill them to get wool)

Bats (No drops) (they just fly around in caves)

Mooshrooms (Like cows you breed them with wheat) (if you shear them they turn to cows and you get red mushrooms) (you can milk them with bowls to get mushroom stew)

Squid (kill them to get ink sacks)

Villager (you can trade with them by clicking LT on them)

Step 2: Neutral Mobs

Neutral Mobs will not attack a player unless provoked

The different Neutral mobs are

Cave Spider (they are Posionous)

Enderman (are in the End and the Over world)

Spider (very common attack in the dark and at night)

Wolf (if you hit them all wolfs in the area will attack you)

Zombie Pigman (are in the nether) (Same as wolf will all attack if you do first)

Step 3: Tamable Mobs

Tamable Mobs

These mobs can be tamed by the player the methods of taming these mobs varies between mob.

The different tamable mobs are

Wolf (dog

How to tame a dog is you need bones it can take 11 or less I mostly use 1 or 2 bones a dog you click LT to try and tame it keep clicking until you see hearts

Ocelot (cat)

How you tame a Cat is hold a raw fish and go within 10 blocks of a cat and wait for it to creep up to you & when it is 3 blocks away from you press LT

Horse (Donkeys Mules)

So Basically how you tame a Horse is you just Left Click on the horse. That puts you on its back and it will probably throw you off a couple of times just keep left clicking on it when it throws you off until you see hearts. When you see hearts. While you are still on the horse click on inventory to put on the saddle or horse armor. If you find a baby horse (thats just a smaller version) feed it golden apples of carrots until it is full grown. If your horse gets hurt feed it Hay Bales to bring the hearts back up.

Step 4: Hostile Mobs Part 1

Hostile mobs will attack the player when in range, each with their own abilities. It is worthy to note that most hostile mobs cannot see the player through blocks, and when a player moves behind an obstacle, they will stop chasing the player within a few seconds (with the exception of skeletons, witches, blazes, ghasts and spiders). But if the player directly attacks a mob, it will have the ability to see through all blocks and continue chasing the player. Certain mobs ( zombies, silverfish, and blazes), upon being hit, also have the ability to "call" other mobs of the same kind in a set area to see and chase the player through walls.

The hostile Mobs are

Blazes (Throw Fire) (are in the nether)

Creepers (Explode)

Ghast (Shoot Fire Balls) (are in the nether)

Magma Cubes (Jump on you) (are in the Nether)


Skeletons (Shoot bows)

Step 5: Hostile Mobs Part 2

Slimes (Jump on you)

Spider Jockeys (The spider can climb and hurts you the skeleton shoots and burns in daylight)

Witches (Throw Potions and drink them)

Wither Skeletons (Have a sword) (are in the nether)

Zombies (Burn in daylight) (Can be wearing armor)

Zombie Villagers (Same as zombies)

Step 6: Utility Mobs

Utility mobs are created by and serve the player. Player-created utility mobs will never hurt their creator. But, a naturally spawned iron golem can be provoked by attacking it or nearby villagers. If a player repeatedly attacks villagers, all of that village's golems can become hostile to that player.

Utility Mobs are

Snow Golems :How you make snow golems is put 2 snow blocks on top of each other then put a pumpkin onto them (snow golems throw snowballs to hurt mobs)

Iron Golems :to make iron golems put 2 iron blocks on top of each other then one on the right & left side then put a pumpkin on top (Iron golems hit mobs into the air to kill them)

Step 7: Boss Mobs

Boss mobs have more complicated attack patterns and movements. Bosses are meant as end game mobs with their high attack strength and health. When killed, they also drop end game items which can not be legitimately obtained in any other way.

The Boss mobs are

Ender Dragon (is in the End)

Wither (You make it with soul sand and wither heads)

Step 8: Hope You Enjoyed

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and it helps you. comment if you have ideas for another instructable. Don't forget to vote and see you later.

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