Different Types of Baseball Pitches





Introduction: Different Types of Baseball Pitches

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This instructable includes different types of pitches.

Step 1: 4 Seamer

This is a regular 4 seam fastball.

Step 2: 2 Seamer

This is a 2 seam fastball,

Step 3: Changeup

This is a changeup. Throw slowly and accurate.

Step 4: Circle Changeup

This is a circle changeup. Throw slowly also.

Step 5: Curveball

Start at this grip, Then twist around to make your palm point upward. If you are under 25 you could seriously injure your arm throwing this a bunch of times.

Step 6: Slider

This has a lot of movement. Throw regular. Not slow.

Step 7: Knuckleball

Throw overhand. Don't flap wrist when throwing.

Step 8: Enjoy

Have fun. I hope this will help you in the future if you become a pitcher. I am also a pitcher. Remember, do not throw the curveball a bunch of times.



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    This grip is more of a palmball, a slider should have your pointer and middle fingers across the widest part of the seams gripping the outer third of the ball and throw just as you would throw a fastball keeping your wrist loose

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    None of these grips are right except for the two-seam fastball.

    Don't flick your wrist dude, your going to have arm problems if you do.

    Nice pitching grips, but I'd encourage you to throw all of your off-speed pitches with the same arm speed as your fastball. So while it's true that your changeup should be 12-15 mph slower than your fastball, the arm speed should be the same to create deception.

    Steven Ellis
    Former Chicago Cubs pitching pro
    Baseball Pitching Grips

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    When throwing a circle change your thumb and pointer finger should be touching or overlaping your thumb

    Just to add the closer you move your fingers together the more movement you get out of the pitch

    You should NEVER twist or snap your hand when throwing any pitch, including a curveball. That increases the stress on your elbow and shoulder and leads to significant injury issues. A proper curveball is accomplished with grip and angle of the hand position during a normal throwing motion. Please refer to any book or video by Tom House on this issue

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    I suppose you didn't read my instructable very carefully. I warned everyone who viewed my instructable about hurting yourself when throwing a curveball.

    I read it; the way that you described how to throw the pitch is incorrect and will lead to injury regardless of how old you are. If you are throwing a curveball that way and do any significant amounts of pitching then you will have an injury eventually. That's why I pointed you to Tom House - the current pitching coach at USC, former pitching coach for the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, and is well respected in baseball for his knowledge. A proper curveball is no more damaging than a fastball and little league players should still throw nothing but fastballs.

    I know. I did hurt my arm, but my friend showed me how to throw the right way.

    The grips may be right, but they go with the pitching. It would be good to show the full technique in video. Things like "Don't flap wrist when throwing" are often best addressed by showing someone how to do it right. I was going off the title "baseball pitches" rather than seeing these as "grips for baseball pitches". And I'd like to see a video, difficult as it might be to do. L