Difficult Dis-assembly: Taking Things Apart for Repair

Often the problem of repairing something is not putting the repair together, but in taking to old stuff apart. A lot has been said about removing nuts and bolts ( and there are a fair number of links here ) but we are also interested in other difficult dis-assemblies.

You will find info on:

* Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Rivets

* Bicycles

* Floors and Flooring

* Problems with Motors and Cars

* Light Bulbs

* Musical Instruments

* Power supplies

Look at the comments, sometimes they have more information than the body of the instructable.

I have tried to group like entries together. Want a better comment? Let me know.

Have one on instructables I have missed? Let me know.

Just a note to let you know I have added this to the collection: Difficult Dis-assembly: Taking Things Apart for Repair >> https://www.instructables.com/id/Difficult-Dis-assembly-Taking-Things-Apart-for-Rep/
Get that component out of a pcb board.
Good review of a bunch of methods, and often the first does not apply/work...
Love your dremel. This is classic. It may work.
Just a bit different.
A video, uses vise grips, may damage the screw, but so what.
A bit different, and a new one to me. I often grind or cut the whole thing off, and this may be a bit quicker, easier, and have less collateral damage.
Does not answer the question who was Allen anyway?
Always use pliers first, that will give you the round head.
Dremel is right there in the title.
Still love that dremel.
Finally a man who does not have to use his dremel.
You could just get the frogs out, but these are metal rivets.
Floors have their problems.
If you find tiles underneath see the above instructable.
That cup help you steer.
You can buy one, but save money ( yes ) time ( depends on how far away the bike shop is ) and have fun.
This helps you get your cone adjusted. If you ride a bike keep your cone just right.
The petal is connected to the crank, both have their problems.
If you have a bike you may need this.
Some people would call the cassette the gears.
Help your bike turn.
No matter how many wrenches you have there is always another one you need.
These guys can get so stuck.
Try not to break the carburetor, they are more expensive than you might think. Might work on other engines.
This is basically a bolt, Steel bolting into aluminum can often be a problem.
Might work on glow plugs too.
If this does not work try the next one.
Just one more to go.
If this does not work then.... what?
Method one
Method 2
Chang your own band.
Difficult because you can mess up your lens, an expensive proposition.
Do not mess up your ax.
Dremel not just for nuts and bolts.
I came, I sawed, I opened it.
Let your arm rest and it will be refreshed.