Digital Drone Thrust Stand and Battery Life Tester

Introduction: Digital Drone Thrust Stand and Battery Life Tester

Simple ways to test drone thrust at various power settings and battery performance (time) under set conditions

Step 1: Drone Digital Thrust / Battery Performance Testing


1. Digital kitchen scale

2. Weight greater than anticipated thrust of drone (3 / 4 times drone weight should be enough - used 16 Oz)

3. Strap (wide is better than narrow to prevent tilting)

4. Stopwatch (Smartphones usually have them as an app)

5. A Drone - (drone weight was 3 1/2 Oz - thrust was 4 3/4 Oz - 150% ratio @ 100% power)

To test thrust

1.Secure drone to weight

2. Place on scale

3. Turn on scale - should read zero (0 Oz, Kg. etc.)

4. Activate drone

5. Measure thrust as negative weight at selected power setting

To test battery performance using repeatable criteria

1. Use weight , strap, and Smartphone stopwatch app to measure run time

2. Allow motors cool down time between tests



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