Digital Camoflage (digicamo)




Introduction: Digital Camoflage (digicamo)

This is a guide on how to digicamo your airsoft rifle, real rifle, or anything you want.

Step 1: Object

Find the object you are going to camoflage. I am doing an airsoft sniper rifle.

Step 2: Materials

Get the materials you will need:

Matte (not shiny) paint-1 base color, 3 stencil colors(you can use as many as you like, i used 3). I used Rust-oleum paints: tan, black, brown, and green.

Masking/painting tape

a method for hanging the objects to be painted


exacto knife

rubber glove

optional: Minwax Fast drying polyurethane for the finish

Step 3: Dissasembly

Disassemble the rifle and keep the parts you are going to paint. You don't want to paint the compression chamber or the rubber stock cover.

Step 4: Taping

Tape off all areas you don't want paint in with the masking tape. Don't be lazy on this part. You don't want paint in your barrel or on your scope lens.

Step 5: Base Coat

Hang the parts up and paint them with the base coat. My base color was tan. Follow the instructions on the spray paint for number of coats and dry times. i did 3 coats.

Step 6: Stencils

This is the tedious part. Print out the patterns you desire from
You want large and small cutouts; more black and less black.
On the third picture in this step are all the stencils i ended up with.

Step 7: Cutting Out the Stencils

Take a pattern paper and clamp it down on a piece of wood. Then get an exacto knife and cut out the black parts.

Step 8: First Color

Now you paint the first color. Mine was green. You want the stencils of the bottom color to be the biggest. Hold the stencil over the gun, cover the other exposed parts with paper. Wear gloves unless you want your hand colored.

Step 9: Other Colors

After you are done with green move on to the second color, brown. Then do the black. The stencils should get progressively smaller. Do all the parts of the gun. Beware the circular parts are the hardest like the barrel and the scope and you will have to find some creative ways to hold the stencil down.

Step 10: Protective Finish

This step is optional but i recomend it because the paint scratches off easily. Disassemble and coat the rifle with Minwax Fast drying polyurethane. I used 5 coats on everything. It makes the gun a little shiny but it feels much better.

Step 11: Last Step

Remove all the tape and reassemble.



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    80 Discussions

    the link you provided doesn't take me to a page that I can print digital camo - can you please provide correct link?

    TIP: Use Duracoat as a base coat color, such as Flat Dark Earth (MEDIUM brown/DARK tan good for general purpose seasons) or Flat Foliage (LIGHT grey color and good for Northern winter forests). You can then apply other colors as layers. When seasons change you can strip off other layers with normal paint remover and it will keep Duracoat base. Think of it as a snake shedding its skin.

    Just finish the painting off with normal FLAT CLEAR COAT to have a matte finish without griddy spray paint feeling.

    The stencil says "Copyright 2008, TacticalCamo". I would like to know how they copyrighted it considering the military has it. Also the USMC pattern is slightly different then other branches which makes it blend in better on more terrain, desert MARPAT is great as a ghillie base. I have to call B.S. on TacticalCamo copyrighting the design considering the pattern is randomly applied to a surface. The equivalent would be me copyrighting radio wave theory. I should make random combinations of pixels and copyright them saying my research shows my "pixel blend" is more stealthy.

    Just print on normal paper, place transparency paper over top with a sacrificial wood surface to cut with exacto knife. Use print to trace with exacto knife to cut transparency sheet. Can pick everything up at Walmart. Just pick and choose which pattern to apply randomly. These took me thirty minutes to create on PowerPoint. I could have gotten more creative but everyone gets the idea. The key here is to randomly select pattern and colors (keeping in mind natural shadow areas).


    I tried the link for the camo patterns and for some reason it take you to a Catalyst Conditioning site. No patterns there. LOL

    The clear coat is a very nice touch. However, using it in gloss is not. It's not Minwax but you can get a flat poly from Krylon I think. Good instructable though.

    holy crap that gun is awesome were did you get it i love the camo i might do my pellet gun

    Or you could take a very fine grit sand paper, ie. 400 or 600, and go over it all. It would probably dull it out nicely without clouding it over.

    hey bro love the camo and r u sure its an airsoft

    amazing instructable, i wish all of them were this good. i dont have that much time on my hands, to camo my guns, but id sure love to, the final result is stunning. 5*

    i dont think i could EVER take that much time out of my life but thumbs up to you man :)

    Can you just tell what you did cuz i want mine to look like yours

     Im looking for a good airsoft sniper so could you tell me where you got that, how strong it is, and what it costs.

    3 replies

    i got it from also look at evike or airsoftgi. it's about 400fps stock, costs about $120 stock. It's called a JG Bar-10

    Im getting an M14 thats just as strong and im doing this paintjob on it.

    you used a bit to much black for all the tan... then again, I wouldn't have used black at all, but that is my opinion...