Digital/Mechanical Roulette Wheel

Introduction: Digital/Mechanical Roulette Wheel

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Welcome and thank you for checking out my project. I incorporated A Digital roulette wheel and mechanical wheel with a remote control device. I used a combination of new parts, repurposed parts, and ingenuity.

I used an assortment of tools that included drill, hot glue gun, soldering iron, Dremel tool, screwdrivers, hammers, and other types.

I used different parts for the project that included; plywood, cooking pot lid, rollerblade wheel and bearing, nuts and bolts, numbered stickers, wood dows, data cable wire, remote control unit, roulette wheel kit, Christmas led lights, magnets, stand, and wood rod.

Step 1: 1

Lay out diagram of a schematic onto plywood. I marked the position and drilled holes into plywood to match lights on the Roulet wheel.

Step 2: 2

I cut and inserted rods with holes drilled through centers. Used roller blade wheel and bearing with mounting bracket for the mechanical wheel. I mounted rollerblade wheels to plywood so that the center bearing would spin freely. Glued magnets to dows.

Step 3: 4

I removed handle from lid and mounted the lid to the rollerblade bracket. The wheel spins freely now.

Step 4: 5

Repurposed gear motor and plastic containers with wrist band bracelet for the drive belt.

Step 5: 6

Soldered electronic kit and mounted 2 platform. Installed wiring and soldered to motherboard.

Step 6: 7

Installed remote control switched and soldered in the lights.

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