Digitize a Work of Art




I used scanning software and software to digitize jpeg files to embroider items for my grandchild to give her parents. You can digitize most things that a child or adult can draw.

Step 1: Create or Select a Piece of Your Child's Work

You can start with most drawings or pictures you have. I had my granddaughter, she's 4, write their names on a piece of paper. A magic marker works better than a crayon because you get better lines.

Step 2: Scan the Drawing

Now scan the drawing into your computer. If you do not have a scanner you can just take a picture. You are really trying to get it into a jpeg or bmp. I took the drawing and cropped the names so I could digitize them as separate items.

Step 3: Digitize

I am using software from amazing designs (Digitize and Stitch). There are lots of software packages our there and several packages that are free. You need to make sure it will work with the sewing machine you are using. You can download this software for free as a 30 day trial. You read the jpeg image and the software converts it to a .pes image for my machine which is a brother.

Step 4: Sew the Design

Now that you have the design you can add the image to most items. I am making Koozies for her parents. First I hoop the Koozie and then load the file into my machine. Now you take the design and sew it. Next I sewed the sides of the Koozie and it is complete. As you can see you have transformed the child's drawing into a great gift for mom and dad.



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