Dime Through Balloon Trick


Introduction: Dime Through Balloon Trick

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Using a balloon, small glass, coin, and a rubber band, you can perform this amazing illusion. Afterwards everything can be examined.



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    Yes, only a clear balloon will stretch clear so the coin appears on top. A colored balloon will add it's tint to the coin

    Go to party store and buy clear latex balloons. Cut off necks. Now you have a good supply.
    It is easier for me to use a quarter.

    cant get the video......can you put instructions up?

    Where are the instructions?

    Hey, thanks a lot for this - I was looking for really easy but really effective tricks and this looks great. Can't wait to try it out. I wonder if it'll work with johnnies(?) dental rubber might be difficult to get hold of :)

    Thanks again
    ps - I signed up so I could comment to this ;)

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    Do you mean condoms? They might work, but cutting a piece out of the side of a large party balloon will works great.


    No I wanted to know so I could it to day

    this is sooooo cool!! your awesome dude. SUBSCIBED!!!

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