Ding Dong Ditch Robot

Introduction: Ding Dong Ditch Robot

The way to scam from your couch.

Step 1: Construct the Base

Get an 18 by 18 square of wood. Cut a 2-inch by 16-inch rectangles on the far right and left the side, this is where the wheels are going to go.

Step 2: Add Motors

Attach a continuous servo to each side in the front on the inside of the hole. After, attach a motor in the right front center, facing towards the left side of the robot. Make a hole next to this motor.

Step 3: Attach Wheel Supports

Attach a metal grid on both sides of each hole on the back of the robot and on the outside side of the holes on the front, across from the motors. Check to make sure a hole in the grid is across from the motor so that you can attach the axle through the hole of a grid, and the motor.

Step 4: Attach Wheels

Attach the axle through the hole in the grid, the wheel (which should be in the hole right across from the motor or in between the two grids), and either the other grid or the motor to support the wheels. Then, fix the axles in place.

Step 5: Attach Arduino

Attach the Vex EDR to the center of the base.

Step 6: Make Geared Arm

Attach a carved pole of metal to a gear. Place this in a bolt. Glue the bolt onto a flat, small platform. Attach a smaller gear below the gear you used. Attach this smaller gear to the motor you attached in the right center front of the robot base. Make sure the two gears are aligned.

Step 7: Make Robot Arm

Make 24 "slots" for the robot arms. Each 'slot' is 1 foot long, with a hole in the middle on each end. Take two pieces, put them across so that they form an x with the center the two middle points. Use a bolt and nut to attach them so that they stay together but can still rotate.(you might have to put glue on the end of the bolt to ensure that it doesn't unscrew)

Step 8: Assemble Arms

Take each of the xs and attach them by the corners to construct two arms. Each arm should have 6 xs and should be the same length and height

Step 9: Make Battering Ram Base

On a small piece wood, make a small, long oval hole, roughly 3 inches wide. Put two long girds on either side and insert 3 axels with gears in the middle. 2 of the axles with gears should be in the middle of the hole, supported by the axis, and 1 of the axles with gears in the back. Attach the one in the back to a servo motor.

Step 10: Make Battering Ram

Cut a small long, rectangular piece of wood that is skinnier than the hole you made and about 1 foot long. Put treads in a straight line and glue the top side of the wood. The treads should be just long enough to wrap around the piece of wood. Mount this on the supporting gears.

Step 11: Make Battering Ram Supporting Gear

Put two supporting walls on each side of the middle grid. Put an axle with a gear in the middle so that the gear touches the top of the conveyor belt. Attach the axles and make the circuit with the motor on the battery. From there, take a string and loop the string through the supports and then tie it to the front of the battering ram, as shown in the picture. On the back, attach a wall so the battering ram doesn't fly off the platform.

Step 12: Attach the Battering Ram to the Supporting Two Arms

Create two pieces of wood with small holes. Attach two arms with two small metal poles with the two pieces of wood in the middle, as seen in the picture. Attach the two pieces of wood to the battering ram. This would allow the arms to raise the battering rams.

Step 13: Assemble Robot

Attach the Geared Arm to the newly assembled arm and battering ram.

Step 14: Attach These to the Base

Attach this by the geared arm to the base by the motor. It should look like this.

Step 15: Complete Circuit

Connect the motors to the vex EDR to create the circuit.

Step 16: Add I-phone Mount

Add an i-phone mount so you can mount to the front of the robot so that an i-phone can be mounted as a camera

Step 17: Attach the Pizza Boxes

Attach the Pizza Boxes around the base so that when the battering ram is as low as possible, it looks like either one or multiple pizza boxes. Use more if it doesn't fit, but you should need four. Cut a hole so the battering ram can come out and the arms can fully extend. Cut another small hole so that the iPhone camera can see.

Step 18: That's It, You're Done

Use a vex controller and put the iphone on facetime so that you can see and control the robot.

Step 19: Designs

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    2 years ago

    That's a funny idea :) I'd like to see a video of it in action!