Dining Table Top From Hardwood Flooring




Step 1:

I used hardwood flooring to make a dining table top. It's 4ft x 6ft. It replaces the 3ft x5ft glass top I had before that was scratched and out dated.
I used 3 1/4 red oak unfinished flooring for the center and outer row and 2 1/4 unfinished maple for the insert.
I used a sheet of OSB plywood to nail everything to but I also glued everything together before nailing it.

Step 2: Tools Needed

Mitre saw
Table saw
16 gauge nailing gun
Tape measure
Belt sander
Utility knife
Flat head screw driver

Step 3:

I started by measuring and cutting the plywood to size.
Then I marked where the maple was going to go around the plywood so I had a starting point for the center of the table.
I then started by nailing the first row of flooring on my marks, and building outward from there making sure the sides lined up.
I used a knife to make the cut side of the table to make sure they were lined up.
I also used a flat head screw driver to tap into the plywood and pull into the already nailed prices to make sure the were all tight.

Step 4:

Once the middle of the top was finished I sanded everything to the same height using a belt sander. I started out with 80 grit paper then went to 120.
I then sanded the maple and the outside row

Step 5:

Once everything was sanded I then stained the center and outside row with espresso color stain.

Step 6:

After everything was dried I assembled the outside two rows of the table.
I used hardwood spline to join three sides of the outside so I could still nail through the tongue of the flooring.
I nailed the maple to the outside and put a mitre on all the corners to picture frame the center of the table.
I then cut off the tongue of the flooring for the outside row.
I mitred the outside row to match the maple.

Step 7:

To finish the table I used oak colonial door casing and stained it to match the table

Step 8:

I finished the table by using polyurethane.
I used minwax gloss polyurethane



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    Answer 9 months ago

    The cost of the material for this project was roughly $100-$140 with everything. I believe the wood cost around $60-$70 then the trim around the edges was another $30-$40. The adding the stain and poly and all the sanding belts and discs. It was a lot cheaper to make the top than it was to buy a new table of that size for sure


    12 months ago

    do you not need to account for wood expansion when trapping the flooring in between the border? Usually when laying flooring you need a 3/4" gap along the wall side. Is this not necessary since the table top is so small?


    1 year ago



    2 years ago

    Thank you KanPo I am in the flooring trade so I naturally saw that hardwood flooring would work and I knew that it would be durable.


    2 years ago

    This turned out really nice. Wonderful job

    KanPo Studios

    2 years ago

    Wow Tapuck 14 !

    I never thought of using flooring planks for tables. This opens up new possibilities in crafting.

    I have refurbish old doors into tables. Your project is so cool.


    2 years ago

    Thank you


    2 years ago

    Beautiful work!