Dino Jars




Using mostly free (from friends and our love of spanish olives) small baby food jars and medium sized olive jars I turned them into Dinosaur favors for my daughters class and her birthday party guests. My boyfriend always laughs at me when I save yet another jar but even he was impressed with the outcome, and the extra shelf space after making these!

Step 1: Spray Paint Then Attach Dinosaurs!

I spraypainted the tops with a metallic silver, let them dry a day then attached the dinos (I bought a 48 pack for 8.98 free shipping off ebay). First I used a glue gun and attached all 20+ dinos a couple days later (thankfully I had done them way in advance to the party) I realized the glue wasn't holding well so I redid them all using E600 glue which made those suckers stick it just took alot longer to dry, about a full day and a half. Knowing that I will check my glue status first from now on. Then I filled with treats such as dino tattoos, chocolate rocks and a rock bouncing ball. You can use any top, whatever the child or occasion requires! I also made the dinosaur hats and gloves but that will be another easy and fun instructable. Thanks for checking out my jars!



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    2 years ago

    This is delightfully cute! Thank you for sharing