Diorama Garage With Parking on Roof 1:43 Scale(plan/scheme)




Garage with Parking on Roof Plan

This is Diorama Garage with parking for 1:43 scale cars. its just schemes, there is not picture with finished. I will upload when i got it done.

Step 1: First Cut Wood

First Cut Wood(or what material you will use) with this dimension(All dimension are in CM):

Step 2: Its Time to Glue It

When you finish it, its time to glue it(or how you want to connect them).

A1 – Floor

A2 – Roof/Parking

B1 - Back Wall

B2 – Front Wall/Doorway

B3 – Doors

C1/C2 – Side Walls

D1 – Track to the Roof/Parking

D2 – Entrance to the Roof/Parking

E1/E2/E3/E4 - Guard rail car(Hedge/ Fence) of A2

F1/F2 - Guard rail car(Hedge/ Fence) of D2

F3/F4 - Guard rail car(Hedge/ Fence) of D1

Step 3: What I Use From Material

What I use from material:


Wood glue

Hinges for door


-Printed Paper for:





--Guard rail car(Hedge/ Fence)

--Track to the Roof/Parking

--Entrance to the Roof/Parking

Step 4: If You Wanna Posters for It

If you wanna posters for it, here is some i go

Step 5: TIps

Some part may not fit perfect becose its faw mm longer, just juse sandpaper.
More tips coming soon.



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