Dip Your Rims While Still on Vehicle.




Factory before and Plasti Dipped after

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Step 1: Materials Needed

I used two cans of black plasti dip and a half a can of glossifier for all four tires. You will also need tape, a couple decks of cards and some plastic shopping bags.

Step 2: Mask Off Rubber With Playing Cards As Shown.

Start with clean rims. Remove all brake dust, dirt, and debris. I shoved cards between the rubber and rim.
I rolled cards and taped them into tubes and slid them over the lug nuts and a smaller tube to slide over the valve stem.
I made a ring out of cardboard to go behind the rim to catch over spray but, in hind site it wasn't needed. The plastic shopping bags I shoved inside to protect the brakes caught everything.

Step 3: First Coat of Black.

Add a light coat of paint. Don't try for full coverage. Multiple layers are better.

Step 4: Second Coat

Spray a second coat.

Step 5: Third Coat

Spray a third coat.

Step 6: Fourth Coat

Spray a fourth coat. remember to spray from all angles and heavy around the rims and cards.

Step 7: Fifth Coat

I applied a fifth coat since my coats were light. I was looking for any spots I might have missed.

Step 8: First Coat Clear ( Glossifier )

Applying the glossifier is optional but, I felt it would make cleaning easier. I don't think it made it much more shinier.

Step 9: Second Coat Clear ( Glossifier )

Final coat is a second coat of the clear glossifier. Regular clear coat will bond but, will make peeling off the dip a lot harder since it will lose its flexibility.

Step 10: Over View

A picture of the progress. If done right it will last for years and peel off with little effort. Can withstand power washing and regular abuse. You can re coat or change the color without removing the older layers as long as they are holding up. The thicker the layers the easier it will be to remove.

Step 11: Finish Photos

This was done on 7/13/2014 on a 2015 Kia Sorento. So don't worry you can't mess it up. If you do peel it off.

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18 Discussions


Reply 5 months ago

Room Temperature. Lol. Don’t think it really matters.


Reply 2 months ago

Room temp can be alright, but temp matters a lot. First time I did mine I heated up the cans and did it in cold weather(40°) and it was horrible. Second time in room temp, still not satisfied. And for tomorrow, third time is hopefully a charm after it completely messed up my rim paint and left me sanding down my rims today


3 months ago on Step 1

How long do you wait between coats? Thanks


3 months ago

Very nicely presented. I plan on doing the wheels on my truck. I did a test run on the filler cap door that I have to replace. I used about 2/3 can just on the filler door. This is partly to do with the fact that the OEM door was black and I used orange plasti dip which does not hide well.Still, I'm intrigued that you were able to get the rims done with about 1/2 can each. I peeled the initial coat and am in process of painteng the door silver prior to dipping. I'd like to order cans of a color not available at local stores. I dont' want to over order.


Question 4 months ago

How long would you say this whole process takes for all four wheels? Would I need to allocate half a day on a weekend or start on a quiet weeknight for it to be ready for tomorrow?


Tip 5 months ago

A couple of notes:

- The wheel should be thoroughly cleaned first, removing all waxes and oils. Dish soap works well for this.

- It's not paint. Don't do thin coats. The first coat should be thin and less than full coverage, as shown here, but each subsequent coat should be thick and wet. Pretty much as thick as you can go without dripping. This will improve its durability and how long it lasts, as well as make it easier to peel off once the time comes.

- After the final coat, allow it to cure at least 4 hours. Protect the wheels from moisture and debris, and DON'T drive anywhere during that time.

- I like the card idea. Another option is to coat the tire in something to help the dip to release. Some companies sell a dip release spray made specifically for this. You can use wax or oil. I personally used ArmorAll since I wanted to shine up the tires anyway, and that seemed to work well.

2 replies

Reply 5 months ago

I appreciate your opinion. Did this years ago. Still looks as good as the day I did it. And well I didn’t do any of what you said. I’d even skip using the cards around the rim with black cause black plasti dip on black tires is invisible. Done my truck that way. On that note I didn’t even use cards. I used press and seal type food wrap. Basically hacked it all to hell. Guess I’m just that good with light even coats cause no one has ever pointed out a flaw.


Reply 5 months ago

Oh yeah, a couple more things:

- It works better if it goes on warm. Keep the cans of dip in a hot water bath (not boiling, probably around 120 F or so).

- Wait about 30 minutes between coats. The can says *at least* 30 minutes but I was impatient and only waited about 20 between a couple of them.


Question 6 months ago on Introduction

Did u lightly sand the rims?
How many cans of the paint did it take?
How long did it take to get it done?

2 answers

Reply 5 months ago

No I didn’t sand anything. I did 1/2 can per tire. Took way too long doing the cards all the way around the rim. I would not even use the cards around the tire again if using black. I did my truck and skipped that step. Got the black plasti dip all over the rubber and guess what. It can not be seen. Blends right in.


Answer 5 months ago

I used a little less than 1 can each on 15" rims. Bigger wheels may need more.


4 years ago on Introduction

You can do the same thing without playing cards too if you are feeling lazy. Once the Plasti dip dries it will peel right off the rubber tire easily.

I love to plasti dip my rims. So easy to fix if something gets scraped and easy to change if I tire...hah.tire!....of the color.


4 years ago

That's pretty cool I think I'm gonna do mine pink!


5 years ago on Introduction

As a magician I'm thinking in just leaving the playing cards on the rims! Worst case scenario if they fall off they leave a magical trace behind me!


5 years ago on Introduction

This is so cool. I really like the mosaic photo in step 10. AND IT PEELS OFF.