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Introduction: Fractal Dipole Antenna

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Hi all thought you might be interested in my home project that took me the better part of 30 minutes to complete. I built a dipole fractal antenna out of my passionfruit trellis. This is made out of two adjacent concrete steel reinforcing mesh  to which I added a feed point and balun and a connecting wire at the top to turn it into a dipole fractal antenna. We don't have an external directional or omni antenna for receiving VHF/UHF tv, we use rabbit ears. One half of the house gets great reception with the rabbit ears and the other half gets pixellation, ghosting and snow. I have made a number of fractal antenna in place of the rabbit ears and they work great. They work better than the rabbit ears in the reception-poor part of the house but still snow. Opposite this end of the house I have passionfruit growing so the steel mesh looked like it met the requirements for a fractal setup. Well needless to say they work exceptionally well as you can see in my images. I get the only two tv stations we have here, clearly and they are on 55Mhz and 210Mhz respectively. Incidentally i live in the Cook Islands, on Rarotonga. Distance between the trellis's is 1900mm the feed point is therefore 450mm at the half way point..

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7 years ago on Introduction

How did you figure out those were the right measurements?


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I just used what I had available actually. I have been making different fractal antennae with the sides of my fractals corresponding to a % of the wavelength of my TV stations not just 1/4 or 1/2 wavelength . I have made all sorts of fractal shapes and I have reduced them down in size from over 2 metres in height to about half an A4 sheet of paper just using ordinary single strand wire. My current examples all work very well for multiple band reception. Haven't got into etching yet. As elec wiring is pretty cheap and easy to solder together altho time consuming. My latest fractal is a cube which works very well even tho it is 3"x3"x3" and I'll make an identical one and dipole them together and see how that works.