Dipyramid/Parallelepiped Hook-Up (A4)

This Instructable will bring together the two geometric figures that we have discovered embedded in the geometry of A4 paper. For the nitty-gritty details required for making the individual figures, I will refer you to my previous submissions. This effort will focus simply on the configuration of the units in order to form the desired hinged assembly, seen here.


For this project you will need eight sheets of A4 paper and adhesive tape.

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Step 1: Dipyramid Review

To proceed, see:


Six Dipyramids are required for this assembly.

Step 2: Parallelepiped Review



Two parallelepipeds are required.

Step 3: Assemble

Hinge together Dipyramids and Parallelepipeds as shown. Refer to previous submissions for detailed hinging instructions.

Congratulations, another assembly is complete!

For my layman's mathematical analysis, see:


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