Direct Sound Input Mod for Piezo Sound Sensitive CCFL Transformer.

Introduction: Direct Sound Input Mod for Piezo Sound Sensitive CCFL Transformer.

Long title, but that's pretty much what it is, this allows to have a more accurate sound sensitivity and doesn't pick up backround noise that comes from a party or crowd.

Your going to need

- heat shrink
- 2 CCFL sound activates transformers 
- wire
- on/off switch
- solder
- soldering iron
- hobby box
- 12v dc adaptor aprox 1.5A
- 1 plug that suits 12v adaptor
- 1 3.5mm jack. (ipod style)

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Step 1: Power Assembly

Power assembly.

Solder a wire from the negative connector, to and from an on/off switch

Solder the 2 negative terminals of the transformer power connector to the switch

Solder the the two positive terminals of the transformer  connector to the positive terminal of the power pack input.

Step 2: Direct Input Assembly

Input assembly.

Connect two leads to the negative terminal of the input jack.

Connect the left and right positive pins of the input jack then split the wire two ways.

Take out the piezos then connect a negative and positive from the jack to the the positive and negative terminals that where once occupied by the piezo for each transformer.

Step 3: Mounting, Testing and Summery

Take an appropriate hobby box and mount.

Hook up to a 12v dc with at least 1.5 A adaptor then connect and test.

I actually used an old library card to raise the transformers to i could gain access to the transformer controls through holes i cut in the lid.

Step 4: Summery

The holes are pretty badly cut. If i had access to a cnc machine I would make a box entirely out of acrylic resulting in a much cleaner, neater and professional finish.

These lights have been used successfully used at parties and as Christmas decorations.

Step 5: Operation Help

The direct input signal must come from an iPod, PC stuff like that. taking it from an out put of an amp or stereo system has never worked in my use of the system. However there is a chance it could still work.

This being said i encourage you to seek options that best fit you.

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