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Hello everyone!

This is my first instructable, ideal for kid's birthday party. Two themes for choice: Phantom or Flower.

I design the box, the flowers, the phantom, the r.i.p board, and i made my own cake recipe.

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Step 1: 3D Print Files

Here is the list of all 3D files that you need:

vase --> vaso.stl

flower part1 --> flower.stl

flower part2 --> petalas.stl

phantom --> ghost.stl

rip --> rip.stl

Step 2: Make It Pretty

You can add googly eyes to the box and use super glue to fix them.

Step 3: For the Cake

You will need:

  • Oreos
  • Condensed milk or cheese cream
  • Milk cream
  • Vanilla pudding
  • Jelly worms

Some advices:

  • You should make layers
  • It tastes better if you leave it for an hour in the fridge
  • Don't eat to much :P
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    3 years ago

    Very fun! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

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