Dirty Beary - Yogurt-based Dip

Introduction: Dirty Beary - Yogurt-based Dip

The Student Activities Committee at my 340-student school exhibits exceptional skill in coordinating events in which anybody can participate. An annual favorite, Dipfest, is timed to coincide with The Big Game, hosted by the National Football League. Student teams are given $15 and tasked with creating a chip dip to do battle against other submissions in the campus dining hall.

My friend and I put this yogurt-based dip together and were surprised to find that it was beyond palatable. The popular vote is still out, but I back this recipe.

Can be served with chips, pretzels, fruit...

Step 1: Supplies

For one batch (four-five cups):
32 oz. yogurt
12 oz. peanut butter
7-8 oz. dulce de leche
1 apple
1 pear (photo shows three of each fruit, but only one of each is necessary)
5 oz. gummy bears
*can add more fruit or gummy bears for texture

You will need:
large mixing bowl
*standing or other electric mixer preferable

Step 2: Base Mixture

Empty the dulce de leche into a large mixing bowl.
Add yogurt gradually.
Mix well.

Step 3: Peanut Butter

When mixed, add peanut butter.
Mix well. Final mixture should be smooth.

Step 4: Fruit

Cut fruit into small chunks.
Add to mixture.
Stir in.

Step 5: Add Color!

Here is where the namesake comes in. The dip needed a bit of color and some more texture, so we added gummy bears.
You can see them swimming around in the bowl.

Enjoy with chips, fruit, toasted bread, or whatever you have lying around!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    [@wilgubeast - Some greater Internet power won't let me reply directly to your comment.]

    Definitely was regretting not doing so while writing this up today! Agreed entirely, though admittedly, we were going for an unappetizing appearance at the time. Guess I'll just have to make it again... :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looking forward to giving this a try! Very creative and looks really good!