Dirty Sticky Xbox 360 Controller Fix

Introduction: Dirty Sticky Xbox 360 Controller Fix

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How to clean xbox 360 controller

Step 1: Tools U Will Need

A star bit, a small brush, and some cleaning solution

Step 2: Remove Screws /with Star Bit

Remove all screws get the hidden one under the sticker

Step 3: Pull Apart Controller

Step 4: Remove Vibration Motors (2)

Pull white tab to remove strait up
Set aside

Step 5: Remove Board

Pry up on the board should pop up

Step 6:

Remove buttons for cleaning

Step 7: Button Cont.

Using brush clean yoks as best u can

Step 8: Clean Button Housing

Clean any gunk on the inside of button housing

Step 9: Reassemble the Controller

Reverse the steps and like new controller is yours

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