Disappearing Bike Baskets





Introduction: Disappearing Bike Baskets

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 Disappearing Bike Baskets just get out of your way when you don't need to use them.

You may want to see a removable basket by onrust..

My black Basket comes off  and becomes a hand basket. 
Great at Burning-Man when you go to Center Camp.
Lock your bike and take your gear with you in the black hand basket..

While the Steel Baskets on the pink ladies bike has complementary
unfolding baskets on each side of  the back wheel.
They fold open when a need arises..
Note the nice hack necessary to mount the dual rack to the pink bike..

Unless, somehow you put your foot in it......
Ergo, it is the objective to attain a sufficient equilibrium of balance
to use a bike with a loaded basket while navigating from home base
to class room and back again without incurring more then the one
obligatory road rash ;-)




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    Muchos gracias.

    I didn't go this year, but early pic galleries and over views show sparse
    art although a few pieces are outstanding a result of supreme supported
    artistic expression.

    I wonder... did a lot of people stay home this year? The price of fuel is CrAzY! 8-/

    Burning man is on my bucket list, but not at the top. At least I can go/live vicariously... online. ;-)

    Some galleries to Vicar :-)

    Photo Gallery from The Atlantic:

    The Guardian UK Photo Gallery:

    Photo Gallery from the Sacramento Bee:

    Telegraph UK Photo Gallery:

    Crowd-sourced Burner photogasm! All Instagram photos tagged "burningman2012":

    This shot of the Temple by Trey Ratcliff could wel be this year's winner:

    A striking Flickr set from Christopher:

    Great gallery from Nick Bilton, currently making rounds on the social networks:

    Beautiful Women of the Playa (done right, finally!):