How to Make a Cup Chemically Disapear


Introduction: How to Make a Cup Chemically Disapear

Styrofoam is a polymer and when brought into contact with
acetone the polymer breaks down into its monomers. This
demonstration show the process of depolymerization. It looks pretty cool.

Need a Petri dish (something that is not Plastic to hold Demonstrations in
Styrofoam Cup is placed into petri dish and 20 mL of acetone is poured in

Clean up let acetone evaporate, throw out cup gew.

acetone can be replaced with a number of different solvents like gasoline.



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    No, it's just a thick, very sticky, slowburning and flammable liquid. Not an explosive and certainly not HE =).

    you could also do that with mountain dew, or gas but the resulting substance is napalm like

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    my 8th grade science teacher had a party before christmas break and sombody left a styrofome cup half full of mountain dew on the table that never got thrown away and when we got back he said it desolved the bottom

    not chemically possible...he's just yanking your chain for not cleaning up after your self.

    VERY VERY VERY COOL!!! but all i know about styro is if u cut it, its bad for the ozone... those any body know if this is eco friendly??? (not much of a chemist)

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    its bad cause it releases a type of gas thats pretty bad,(i forgot what kind of gas it was but you can do this outside) and when the cup is melted, its like napalm, you can light it up and acetone can be found it nail polish remover