Disappearing Quarter in Handkerchief!

Introduction: Disappearing Quarter in Handkerchief!

This is an easy trick on how to make a quarter disappear in your handkerchief!



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    yeah, but I think I have your quarter stuck in my ear. seriously- how do they pull it out of my ear?! I'm so blonde....

    How about a video and instructions, I am really getting sick of this solo video or solo slideshow thing.

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    Hello. I came across this site last week, and I signed up for an account a couple of days ago. I'm new to www.instrucables.com.

    I'm just curious to know why you like written instructions when I included step-by-step instructions on the video. When I uploaded this video to the VIDEO section it did not give me an option to post detailed instructions along with my video. That option (to post detailed instructions) is only available on the INSTRUCTABLE section.

    I read the Instructables Blog for Nov 30th, and here's what it said:

    ..."We hope that Videos will support and help grow the site by making a specific section for how-to videos that don't quite need our step-by-step format."


    Anyway, thanks for watching my vid :)

    Johnny Rock Stah

    Someone should start a web site so people can post just videos, maybe they could call it You Tube. If they do that, maybe someone will start a web site called Instructables, and it could be for posting Instructional, step by step, well... uh, Instructions? If someone doesn't beat me to the patent office, I'm gonna be a millionaire.