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A few weeks ago me and my friends were riding bicycle when a street magician stopped us and showed us a magic my all friends were amazed but I caught his trick then I realized that many people can't catch the tricks behind the magic.So I thought of sharing all the tricks that I know and here is one of them.We will disappear a pen in this trick with the help of the rubber band. So now let's disappear a pen...

Step 1: Materials Required

We need very few things.All we need is just:

A rubber band

A pen which you want to disappear

And a safety pin.

Step 2: Preparing for Magic

Take safety pin and the rubber band.

Open the safety pin and put the rubber band in between of safety pin and then close it.

Step 3:

Now put the same rubber band which we used in previous step with another side in between the cap of the pen which you want to disappear as shown.

Step 4:

Now again open the safety pin, hold the pen in your hand and stretch the rubber band as much as you can along your arm and then pierce the safety pin into the sleeve where it has reached and then close the pin as shown.

Step 5: Covering the Trick

Now keep holding the pen in your hand and wear full sleeve jacket so the viewer is not able to see your rubber band. Now with another hand hide the cap of the pen and clap once so that the pen can go inside your sleeve as you have seen in intro and your viewers will be amazed to see that the pen suddenly appears.

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