Disassembling a Flexaret IVa Camera

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Flexaret IVa

A variant of the Flexaret IV, which is able to use 35mm film. The sports finder has a small centre window for this.

Taking lens Meopta Belar 80mm f3.5 Prontor SVS shutter 1 - 1/300

Czechoslovakia c. 1953-57

Step 1: First Remove the Front Leather Cover and Metal Plate to Have Access to Screws.

Step 2: Unscrew the Trigger Button.

Step 3: Remove the 4 Screws to Separate the Optical System+visor From the Camera Body.

Step 4: Remove the 4 Upper Screws to Separate the Optical System From the Visor.

Step 5: On the Left Side Off the Camera Remove the Leather to Have Access to Screws

Step 6: Left Side...

Step 7: Additional Photos



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