Disassembly of T3100e Laptop

This Instructable will show you how to take apart a Toshiba T3100e laptop and the position of many parts inside. It also shows where to put RAM chips and how to replace motherboard battery.

Step 1: Open the Computer

First flip the computer upside down, then remove the 3 screws in front and the 2 screws under the handle. Then flip it back upright, and use a screw driver to pop the keyboard out, be careful not to remove the keys or break the cable though.
 Next, remove the 2 screws, (marked on the picture below) and remove that panel.

Step 2: Inside of Computer

  Here is what the inside of the computer looks like. There are 4 slots in banks of 2 for extra RAM, the pre-installed 1MB of RAM is non-removable and I'm not sure where it is.
    If you turn on your computer and it doesn't keep track of time properly and asks you for the time, then this battery is what should be replaced. In most computers I've seen though, it is usually a button cell lithium not AA style lithium battery. It can be removed by pulling the wire/wire connector of of the hookup on the motherboard that's underneath the metal plate where the crew was. 
   If you want to dig even deeper into the computer then remove the 3 screws holding the monitor section in place.

Step 3: Beneath the Screen

Once the 3 screws holding the monitor section are off, carefully lift up part of the screen. but don't pull/lift too hard because the screen would still be attached and I'm not sure if you can safely remove the screen and reattach and have it still work.
 After you got that done, you'll see a metal frame surrounding the floppy drive and hard drive. I tried to remove it but because there are screws on both sides of the frame, and in positions where they couldn't easily be accessed because of the screen, I just left it there.

Step 4: Final Step!!!!

Now that your done, you can put it all back together!!!!
 The specifications of my computer is: 12mhz/6mhz processor, 1MB RAM, 600*400 resolution 4 colour plasma screen, 20MB HDD, HD FDD (1.44mb), MS DOS 5.
 Originally, you could buy it with a 40mb HDD instead of 20, but it would obviously cost more money, and at the time these computers were expensive, and it usually came with 720kb FDD instead, and with either MS DOS 3 or 4. You could also buy extra externally mounted devices that attach to the back like and extra HDD, or 51/4" FDD, or like in mine, a modem, and many others. So far, my fav. DOS game is Street Rod 2, next to blood, but Blood won't even run on this computer because of it's high requirements for the time.
                                        PS. I bought this computer at value village if you wonder where I got it.
Thanks for reading my first Instructable. Also if you like taking electronics apart and/or modifying them then feel free to join my group called disassembled electronics.



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    9 Discussions


    4 years ago on Step 4

    And, Cool, a Value Village find! Nowadays it seems all the thrift stores send most of the computers they get to recycling. Grrrrrr. (Grinds teeth, and shakes fists in frustration.) ;)

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Step 2

    i think the 2 removeable chips up and to the left of the speaker and below the ram are old UV Erasable EPROM. I can't tell for sure without a closeup but i'm guessing the white looking squares have circular indentations in the center (thats where the uv lights can be shined to erase them). If i'm right those chips probably hold the BIOS of the computer.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

    Actually it is where dos is stored. These little lappys have rom dos. I have a few of the 286 laptops and 8088 laptops in my collection and they have dos 3.x (its a custom version by toshiba) I don't think at this point there was a bios yet. Just a kickstart type system. I think the most popular thing these little (8lb little) computers would do is wake to where you were last. It will keep power to the ram for weeks (mine have a separate battery inside to do this)


    8 years ago on Introduction

     so not only do i have the same model, but mine is also ontario born.......could not really find any real traces of this laptop, good to know that another exists....


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I play street rod 1 and 2 all the time! I used to play it on my black and white 286 all the time also!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    RUN! John Connor T-1000's were strong enough i cant imagine  what can a T-3100e Do  ZOMG!!!