Disassembly of Zen V/ Plus

Introduction: Disassembly of Zen V/ Plus

This instructable will show you how to take apart your Zen V player.
NOTE: this will void your Warranty, do not attempt if your warranty is still active. Get it FIXED!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Zen V/ Plus (Duh)
-Small screw drivers.
The next step will start the Disassembly process.

Step 2: The Disassembly

Just do as the photos and notes tell you. It is rather easy

Step 3: The Orange Thing.

Now remove the orange plastic piece. Look at both pics please.

Step 4: Now the Screen Part.

This part is harder the screen is held on by a ribbon of glue all the way around. Be careful not to damage the OLED Screen by prying to deep.

Step 5: The Small Screws.

Remove these but don't lose them.

Step 6: Final and Reassembly.

ok here is the final step. and reassembly pics.

If you need parts go you can go to here :ebay

-Thanks for viewing my first Instructable.

Step 7: How I Fixed Mine

I ordered a broken one from ebay and replaced the following parts in the picture:



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    22 Discussions

    Hi, I know this was posted years ago... but I thought it'd be worth a shot to leave a message. I don't have a Zen V, I have a Zen Stone Plus. The led screen no longer lights up, but the player's playback and battery has no issue. I was wondering if maybe you had ideas on how to fix the screen on z Stone Plus? I've had no luck searching in the Internet.

    1 reply

    Hello. I too, with the Zen v plus, have the issue of the screen being only faintly illuminated... can only read it in a very dark space... but it works otherwise, and I'd like to fix it if I can... did you find a solution Raechullie? I wonder if there is a video microchip that might be the issue..

    I followed your instructions very carefully but when I put mine back together the display no longer works. It's not cracked or anything and I was very careful taking it apart. Is there anything in particular I am supposed to do with the little tab thing sticking out from the screen when putting it back together? Or, is there anything special I'm suppose to do period? All I do is listen to audiobooks and I really need to see my bookmarks!

    5 replies

    ok so when you took the screen off you should have seen a whitish-yellow bar thing. the ribbon from the screen slides into that slot. then once youve done this there should be a little tab to lock it in. hope this help if it doesnt privat message me on my account

    Maybe you can help my ribbon came unstuck. I see the white strip but cannot see how to clamp it down on the cable. The pressure of a piece of sellotape alone is not enough to make proper electrical contact. Are you refering to the two shiny silver thingies at each end, if so perhaps you can describe how these come into play or better still give a little sketch. It is a 4G model and I'd rather not just throw it out. Thanks,

    This is it, exactly what I needed to know. It's working great again. Thanks

    My ZEN V Plus locked up: screen blank, lights on, on/off switch had no effect nor did pushing the reset cause any changes. Only answer: unplug battery. I had no idea how to open the case (did manage to pry off the 'bottom third' but could not see how to remove the screen portion). Searched the net, found this instructable, was overjoyed. Followed the instructions carefully and was completely successful. Thank you from the grateful owner of a four or five year old device.

    1 reply

    Glad to know. I still have mine but the screen is shot and has been for years. I do have it if you ever feel the need to replace the board on yours.

    Or a quick and easy way to dismantle it is give it to your dad to fix it (The buttons were messing up) and it will make him mad, he will then throw it at the wall as hard as he can... I still haven't found all the pieces to it.

    Oops, while disassembling I accidentally pulled the screen out of the terminal and I don't know how to connect it back in (shown at the bottom of this picture) How do I put it back? Thanks

    Problem with clamping the ribbon down.  The little white flap swings up, I lay ribbon onto circuit board, flip flap back down, but nothing clicks for clamping.  I see a little stainless steel piece (very tiny) at each edge of ribbon, but it doesn't seem to do anyghing....do I have to pry it up to get it to seize ribbon?  Thanks.

    You could always add a step or two telling what was broken and how it was replaced.

    nice 'ible, but i dont see why i would need this, if it's under warrenty. if it's not i guess i would, but i wouldnt be worrying about voiding the warrenty