Disc Golf Target - Tone Pole (tonal Hole)

Introduction: Disc Golf Target - Tone Pole (tonal Hole)

I got hooked on disc golf after a long time playing disc freestyle and the main problem in Moscow, Russia, where I live, is that there is only one, however good, disc golf course. However, Moscow is full of parks. So I decided that a cheap target would be just right to try and colonize some more areas. You cant buy too many baskets with only 10 players in the local community. Of course you can make a tree course, but IMHO the tone pole is only slightly less cool than a basket in many respects and it is worlds cheaper. My targets cost 15 bucks max and if you are wiling to make them ugly, then you could fit into 5$.

PS - This is my first instructable, so feedback will be appreciated )

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Step 1: Materials

ill write out what I used, but of course almost each point can be modified if you have something similar available

1) 50 cm piece of steel pipe, 10+ cm diameter. Mine were 108 mm, with 3mm walls. These cost around 5$ per meter in Moscow. If you can find thinner walled material that wont dent, good for you. It will probably sound even better. Some people use stovepipe, but it seems a bit too thin for my taste.

2) 150+ cm long 2 by 2 inch boards (5x5cm in metric). Length depends on how you will be fixing the post into the ground.

3) Eco spike - mine says ground screw on it. You can also use an umbrella stand, concrete or make a base from scrap. The ground screw was pretty cheap at around 7$. A wooden base is cheapest, since something can be cobbled together from scrap.

4) *Optional* Paint for the wood and the pipe. I used 3 in 1 direct onto rust paint for the pipe and some outdoor wood stain for the posts. Choose a nice bright color so that you can see the target from far away.

5) 2 or 4 self taping woodscrews


Power drill with a bit for drilling metal (4-6mm diameter), screwdriver, something for deburring metal, brushes for painting

Step 2: Prepping Pipe

I got my pipe cut at the construction market. Didnt cost me anything. The guys who did it were a bit sloppy, so it makes sense to ask them to do a good job or motivate them with a tip. 50 cm pieces are about right per PDGA regs.

Drill holes in pipe. Mine were 5 cm from the end, two on top and two perpendicular to the first at the bottom. 4 holes will give you a more rigid target, 2 is OK too.

Deburr pipe. I used a wheel grinder for the outside and a file for inside.

Paint pipe (optional).

My feeling is that the sound bets a bit duller after the paint, but its still pretty good and it looks much better. I did 2 thin coats, do not opt for one thick one, it wont be pretty.

Step 3: Paint Posts and Attach Pipes

Paint the posts, one coat was enough for me. Then just screw the pipes onto them so that the pipe does not touch the wood.

Basically, the target is ready.

Step 4: Putting the Target Into the Ground

Here you have some choices.

1) Fast and mobile - make a stand. Easiest thing is to screw on a nice thick piece of plywood and then sturdy up the joint with a bracket. Or just use an umbrella stand. Be creative.

2) Use an eco-spike. I understand they come in screw in and hammer in varieties. I really like these, because they are pretty quick to set up, so you can have a target in you car and screw it in wherever you need it. They can also be used for permanent installation. Or you can leave the spikes in, but pull out the targets and bring them onto the field only during rounds. The only drawback is that it is a bit tricky to put in the spike 100% vertical. Since the tsrget and spike is cheap, vandals probably wont be interested. Also, a screw-in spike isnt easy to pull out if you dont have the propor tools handy.

3) Just beat the post into the ground ) or just hang the pipes on some branches using some chain or rope.

4) Have fun!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Very cool! I've made a couple homemade disc golf baskets in the past, but never a tonal one. I like this quite a bit. Nicely done!


    Reply 3 years ago

    I made a couple of diy baskets too, check out the photos. But If you want to settle a new park quick and cheap, tonals are the way to go. Much less chance of them being stolen, broken, etc. Cheaper to replace if that does happen.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes indeed. Good chains are pretty pricey! :)

    Here's one I made a couple years ago, with golf balls on rope instead of chains. It actually worke okay! Didn't ever do an instructable on it, but I did a video: https://youtu.be/KsIJeLvbaGc


    3 years ago

    These cost about 50-60 to make. Walls are thin polycarbonate sheet.