Disco Ball Nails

Introduction: Disco Ball Nails

This is my first one so please just give me grace.

You will need:
• a glitter nail polish ( with a bit of color in it )
• a nail polish that is a close match to the little bit of color in the sparkle nail polish
• a white nail polish
• a top coat
• and just the talent to paint your nails!

Step 1: Apply Base Coat

Apply a nail growth protein on your nails
( this also protects your natural nails)

Step 2: Apply First Color

Apply your first color on all your nails but one or two that part is up to you, but i usually leave out two

Step 3: Apply White

Apply white on the nails you left out

Step 4: Sparkle Time!

Apply sparkles on your nails after they have dried

Step 5: Add Top Coat

Add top coat to sealing your design and adding a beautiful shine

Please leave comments like i said this is my first one

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