Disco Laser Party Centerpiece

Introduction: Disco Laser Party Centerpiece

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This is a fun project that involves a ton of time but it will make your  inventiveness shine at a party. And I need to give a big thanks to my best friend Jon for helping me with it. 

I am sorry. I cannot load the videos straight to the instructable so here is the link to the videos 

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These videos show the tower spinning and it explains some of the steps

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Step 1: Things You Will Need


12-laser pointers ....  this will be the most expencive part of the project depending on where you can find laser pointer. Perferably  one that is part LED flashlight and a laser pointer
4- 25 by 30 pieces of plywood
2- 2ft by 2ft plywod sheets
1- other piece of plywood to make a shelf... about as close to 2ft by 1ft as possible
1- drill 
1- speaker... wireless works the best 
6- reflectors....this gives it a cool expolsion effect to the laser
12- metal clamps
2- hinges
1- extension cord
1- duel headphone jack... 2 male ends... If you are not using a wireless speaker
1- 2" by 2" by 18" wood piece
12- 1 by 1"s 


2-things of apoxy... I way over apoxied 
a nail gun.....   works vey nicely but if you don't have one use a hammer
a nails
a circular saw
a pair of goggles
a drill with a cirle cutting attachment 

Step 2: Make a Big Wood Box With a Shelf

Make a box out of the plywood sheets, but LEAVE ONE OF THE TOPS OPEN. Also make a wooden shelf on the inside around the middle of the box. 

Step 3: Cut a Hole in the Side of the Box

Cut a hole in the side of the box.... preferably a circle or the size of the speaker(s) you are going th put in it. I used a drill with a 3 1/4 circle cutting attachment.

Step 4: Make a Door Over

cut out a square hole in one side under the shelf in the box. This will make easy access to the parts inside the box and will be the spot where the cords come out. This will be covered so keep the piece you cut out for a reference. 

Step 5: Drill a Small Hole... WIRED SPEAKERS ONLY

Drill a hole in the side by the hole the speaker comes out. This will make it easy to play songs on your I-pod or MP3.

Step 6: Cut a Hole in the Top of the Box

Use the circular cutter attachment for your drill and cut a hole on the top of the box. This is where the spinning piece will end up coming out of.  

Step 7: Make the Piece "spin-able"

I cut out a 6" by 6" square and hammered a nail through the center of it. Then I apoxied it in place and used it as a drill bit. 

Step 8: Deck Out the Spinner

I found some cool reflective tape and some trailer reflecters at Menards and decided to use that.

Step 9: Connect the Spinner to the Drill

It took me many tries to finally find the right design. I tood 4 tiny pieces of wood and nailed them in around the spinner so it would be tight around it. To get it to stay I used my super ninja apoxying skillz to get it to stay.

Step 10: Setting Up the Lasers and Lights

For this part I placed the clips through the holes and angled them so the rubber handles would stick. Then I focused them on the center spinner 

Step 11: Paint, Paint, Paint

I used 5 cans of black spray paint to cover the entire box. I used the 96cent cans of spraypaint.


To make the piece spin I taped the trigger on the drill down.

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    I was going to hook my fog machine up to it but the "fog juice" is a seasonal item.


    I like the idea, would be cool if we could see what the effect is on the ceiling and walls though!


    8 years ago on Introduction

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    Can you put the video on youtube and then embed it in your instructable?