Disco Lights With Arduino Uno and RGB LEDs




Introduction: Disco Lights With Arduino Uno and RGB LEDs

Maybe you already saw a lot of disco lights but didn't found the right one, maybe you have, as I did, asked you: can I transcend the sound into light and colour? How will it look like? Now I can tell you that: It looks pretty amazing!

Step 1: From DJ to DIY

I use to be a DJ. The music is just a small part of the job. In order to do a great job it is necessary to be able to create an ambient that suits the party. The perfect light is an very important aspect in this matter.

I also made a lot of Arduino application over the last years. With this poject I tried to put the 2 together. That is the result:

Step 2: Shield or No Shield?

Well, maybe I don't like spider circuits anymore or I have enough shorts made already. So I decide to make my own power shield circuit. The arduino fits inside it just fine. I use for this project 3 BP power transistors Tip29C and 3 Analog Inputs: High Sensitivity Sound Detection Module Microphone Sensor For Arduino (from ebay ofcourse) with 3 diferent filters for Bass/Medium/High tones. At first, although the RGB LEDs changed their color very nice, I notice that the medium modul was more present as the other two. So I decided to change the trimmers from the audio modules with Potentiometers. It is more fun as well.

Step 3: Putting It Together in a 3D Printed Case

As the electronic came together I needed a case for everything so I printed one with the right holes for the Potentiometers, the microphones and the USB cable for the arduino. I install it on an 5 meter RGB string and tried to find the most interesting position for it: from inside the speakers, beyond the fake wall till it ended on the vertical lamp as shown in the video. That's all folks. Feel free to ask me whatever you like.



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    Do you have schematics for your wiring? I'm very interested in trying this out but I want to know more about how it all works. What microphone did you use? And how did you also include potentiometers in the circuit? I'm not very knowledgable in circuit engineering.

    2 replies

    No problem. Leave me your Email adress and I will send you the schematics.

    hi, please send me those schematics too at kartik@nickelfox.com :)

    Do you have schematics for this please also the sketch for the arduino thanks want to make this looks a amazing project email raveruk1@hotmail.com

    I love this lamp. I dont know about electronic. Please give me schematic diagram and arduino code to mkruvs@gmail.com Thanks

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Do you have schematics for your wiring? I'm very interested in trying this
    Have you the program for arduino
    M'y email

    19 days ago

    1 reply

    Fun light idea!