Discount Easy Halloween Bouquet



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The best time to buy decorations is when they go in sale! It's fun to also change them up a bit, using spray paint I already had at home.

Step 1: Items

So I went to the discount section of Michaels with the idea to make a bouquet
I ended up finding a foam skeleton head, some fall fake flowers, some fall fake leaves, some sparkly fake sticks, ribbon, and a jar to put it all in. I wasn't a fan of how all the colors went together and I kept in mind I had paint at home. leaving the store I spent just over $10.

Step 2: Prime

First thing I did was prime the jar, I didn't like the yellow color and decided I would change it.

Step 3: Sticks.

I got a purple and white sparkly stick thing, the purple was ok but the white I wanted to make black so I sprayed it with spray paint and took some purple glitter (I already had) to sprinkle on to it while the paint was wet.

Step 4: Fixing the Flowers

I ended up cutting off all the green leaves but i kept the orange and red.

Step 5: Change the Flower Colors

I wanted it to look Halloweenish not fallish do I decided to change the flower colors. Taking purple spray paint lightly dust it over the white flowers. Taking two greens a dark and a light place that over the yellow flowers. Then taking a gay and black paint place that lightly over the orange flowers.

Step 6: Jar

Now that the primer is dry place gray and black over it in a gradient fashion.

Step 7: Skull

Then we just stabbed the skull head into one of the flower stems.

Step 8: Ribbon

I then added a ribbon, I liked the skulls. =P

Step 9: Done

super easy and fun!



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