Dish Towel Pillow Case

Introduction: Dish Towel Pillow Case

Dish Towel Pillow:
I was able after Christmas last year to purchase lots of Christmas plaid  dish towels for cheap. These are directions for making a  small pillow case (for a travel size pillow)  but could easily be made as pillow sham for regular size pillows. ( Holiday Bed Spread out of these same towels  )

Dish Towels (2 per travel pillow - approximate 6 for a regular pillow)  amounts could vary depending on the size of the towels and pillows
Yarn to match or compliment towels
Yarn needles

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Step 1: Sewing Towels

To begin make sure your towels are wrong side to wrong side. You will stitch around three sides leaving one narrow end open to insert pillow. (see pictures)  I finished off the open end by stitching around (see pictures)
I used a simple blanket stitch, (see several pictures) In one side out the other and over yarn to make a loop stitch.

Step 2:

This is a simple but fun way to make pillow case.
See picture for instruction on making a pillow sham.
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