Disheveled Cramped Living Space

My family and I moved in with my grandfather who is a postal worker. As you can see, things are pretty messy! We could use a bit of desks, storage, lights, etc. Help would be much appreciated. The lighting in the room isn't so good, and it lacks proper organization. There are no desks and the only table is filled with boxes of things; the house could use a nice modern feel too.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Step 1. Dump everything you don't - Need, haven't used in the last year, isn't currently essential.

    step 2. rent some storage space and get the bulk of the unused things you deem essential to your life out of the house.

    step 3. Sit down with grand dad and discuss how you can improve HIS house and what HE wants. you can then start to make some serious plans.

    NOTE the: talk to HIM about HIS house that it looks like YOUR making a mess in. If this is a long term move you badly need to get sorted.

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    Rick's Solution: Got a problem? Fix it and stfu.

    LOL Dude it's a contest to get money from Ikea because you could really use it, not because without it you would die or something

    OK, either the photographs and text portray something that is as illustrated - In which case I believe my comment to be correct, informative and based on experience.

    OR the photograph is faked and the story made up to leverage money from a large corporation who are good enough to try to encourage and support the maker community -

    The former stands

    The latter is little more than fraud as the contest doesn't ask for your fictional situation but a real life problem.

    FWIW I think this is an ill-conceived contest that didn't allow for peoples avarice.

    LOL "I hate this contest therefore without any proof I'm going to say contestants are forging situations, lying, and photoshopping everything."